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Jan 02, 13

I want to point out Terry Smith, a judge for Flat Classroom this past 8 weeks, and what he did as he did his judging. He used the process of judging to see what the students were saying about edtech and current trends as well as to have current information to share his students, but he also modeled excellent feedback by leaving messages for the students he judged. It is the words that communicate presence and the students who received messages from him came to me with excitement. While many of our amazing volunteer judges do this, I wanted to point it out because he did it so well. This is the link to the thread where we talked about what he did but you can also click on his name and see the kinds of comments he left and the videos he reviewed.

This is the kind of "flattening" that creates mutually beneficial symbiotic learning relationships but also gives us good feedback for improving what we're doing with the students. You can volunteer to judge projects on this website as well.

Apr 12, 12

I met Jutta Treviranus from the FLOE project. This is about creating open resources that are translatable, move from place to place, can be modified and made accessible to everyone. It is has tools that will make your content accessible for all learners. If you're making free content, you'll want to go to this website and look at their tools to help make your content accessible to everyone. This is great because it can help translate into other languages for the content we're creating for Flat Classroom.

Also: This website FLOE creates tools to help you match learner needs with suitable Open Education REsources. Service that helps modify resources to meet the needs of the individual learner. This is the infancy of personalizing learning using free resources to help everyone. This is phenomenal.

Apr 28, 11

Mobile devices are an important part of deploying knowledge and content delivery. This system is relatively inexpensive and not only uses an app but can link to sms and interactive voice response in countries without a lot of access. Exciting potential for this one.

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