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Sep 29, 12

Literature teachers and many of you will enjoy this epic poem ready by Sean Connery with music by Vangelis. Very enjoyable.

Jun 19, 12

I created a set of Qu Yuan resources on TES. If this is your expertise, you may want to also create some resources here.

Apr 28, 12

This lesson plan for middle school teaches about Haiku and also reviews the concept of syllables. Very extensive resources to use on this one.

Mar 14, 12

Get ready to read poetry! World Poetry day is March 21. Here are a lot of lesson plans and ideas for that day including some digital e-poetry booklets that you could download as well as mp3's and videos that you can use as well as lesson plans.

May 11, 09

Poems from students - submit yours to spacemag

Apr 06, 08

Language and poetry are evolving as this hyperlinked poem shows.

Mar 25, 08

This website allows you to "mash up" shakespeare and mix lines from various sonnets.

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