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Jan 25, 14

Did you know that you can have USB quality mic on your ipad into garageband -- this is the ipad camera connection kit - it can be used with Mics to be able to connect to garageband - get the USB kit. Thought some of you podcasters would want to know.

Mar 05, 12

An audacity how-to guide. Free step-by-step resource.

Audacity is my only and favorite audio editor and it is free. If you want to get into music editing start here.

Jan 06, 12

Mix your own podcast from NPR (hat tip to Richard Byrne.)

Jan 06, 12

Here, Richard Byrne talks about how to Mix your own Podcast using a free service from NPR.

Sep 26, 11

A website for creating podcasts from your iphone, phone, or computer. It has a lot of features odeo used to have which was my old podcast channel. I'm working to set up a new one here.

Mar 24, 08

If you need to podcast from your phone (or online) you can do it at Gcast. Unfortunately, a subscription for this is now $99 a year, so this is an option probably for mobile principals and administrators who need to podcast to the school or parents while driving to school.

Mar 24, 08

Dr. Shephard from Walden University uses this for her phd class to record reflections -- she says it is easier than grading papers. Great for a field trip.

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