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Jan 11, 13

Was just on a radio show recently talking about how to keep up with the pace of education technology with my dear friend Maria Knee, Dr. Kathy King and others. It was a short but powerful conversation.

Jan 10, 12

There are so many great podcasts out there. I like to hear directly from the companies I work with. Julie's and my first book is from Pearson and this podcast is of interest to me.

"Susan Sclafani, vice president of programs for the Pearson Foundation shares insight into the new digital curriculum being developed to adopt the common core standards."

Oct 14, 11

I love my pod catcher app iCatcher. I use it to grab audio on my iPhone and video on my iPad. I listen to the podcasts in the car and watch the videos while washing dishes, laundry and cooking dinner. This list is worth voting on if you are a listener or to find podcasts and vodcasts if you are reventuring into this area. I only wish Wes Fryer was on here- he's great.

Dec 04, 09

Kevin and I had a great discussion Wednesday about global collaboration, the evolution of teaching, and what schools should look like to be 21st Century Schools -- a good conversation between friends.

This is the re-launch of Kevin's podcast since he lost his hard drive! So, subscribe - I just love his work!

Oct 27, 09

If you want to know how one of the pro's makes and publishes podcasts, here is Wesley Fryer's how to - a must read for anyone working in this area of technology.

Mar 24, 08

If you need to podcast from your phone (or online) you can do it at Gcast. Unfortunately, a subscription for this is now $99 a year, so this is an option probably for mobile principals and administrators who need to podcast to the school or parents while driving to school.

Mar 24, 08

Creative commons remix website for video makers and podcasters. Cool.

Aug 23, 08

National PTA (the parents organization for public school parents in the US) has launched a webcast to communicate with parents.

Not sure where the podcast is, but it is probably linked here. It looks like a video. (It would be great to also rip the audio off and link as a podcast too, I think parents would find it useful.)

One thing this does do is legitimize the webcast for parents. You can say "Look parents, PTA is webcasting, it must not be evil." For the use of this tool, I applaud PTA.

I haven't listened to the webcast yet. Hope they turn it into to a podcast as my screentime is limited, but listen to things as I wash dishes and cook dinner (a nightly happening.)

Jul 08, 08

Some cool science teachers at necc who have "flipped the classroom" -- they record their lectures and make them available on itunes to download. Then, they do "homework" in class w/ the teachers. Listening to the podcast of class is their assignment -- the homework is what they do in class. This flipped method had some people talking today in our workshop. So so cool!

This makes so much sense -- take the one to many work delivery and make it the assignment -- take the work where you need many to many to help one another and have that in the classroom. Can you see class evolving? wow! This makes so much sense.

Apr 10, 08

For those of you who like Joyce Meyer -- she now has a podcast that you can listen to from here or download.

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