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22 Aug 08

Another microblogging site that is gaining notice. I'm happy w/ twitter, plurk, blipr - each for different things.

19 Jul 08

Still finding this handy tool a nice augmentation to the growing micro-blogging networks. Fast ways to connect -- this tool helps it happen in addition to twitter. If you had to pick one, I'd say twitter, however plurk is very intimate with friends gathering around a little conversation like buddies around a summer campfire.

08 Jul 08

Plurk novellas are emerging -- this is very cool. This could be used in writing. You can see how threaded microblogging is DIFFERENT from twitter. I think there is room for both.

06 Jul 08

I asked the "plurkosphere" to reflect on twitter and plurk -- this is their response.

05 Jul 08

TV tutorial about plurk basics. I must say, I do like the plurk page.

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