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Jul 12, 12

August is connected educator month in the US but it is extending to many countries in that teachers will be connecting. This is the website for the activity.
RT @craigyen: Here's info for connected educator's month #TeachDoNow

Here's info for connected educator's month #TeachDoNow

— Craig Yen (@craigyen) July 7, 2014

Dec 02, 13

Really 197 channels for learning? Well, there are many, but if you're like me, you're building a subscription list for your content areas and starting to curate (and perhaps create) some channels. Building a good YouTube stream is becoming part of curation and PLN building - so here's a great place to start.

Oct 31, 13

I want to point out one of the first blogs I ever read and one I've continued to read since I started building my PLN in 2005 -- Stephen Downes is one of the best resource sharers on the web. He's widely read and interjects his opinions and big picture issues into the conversation. I highly recommend that though leaders and researchers subscribe to his daily updates via RSS or email.

Jan 30, 13

I love this reflection from a teacher using the Flat Classroom 15 challenges as part of her coursework and studying the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. I love how the teacher reflects on learning and what it means to be in a network of learning. Look at the conclusions the teacher draws while comparing learning to other students. This is the kind of learning we need to do!

I left this comment:
"I Love it! "I am sold." Well, I'm here, and I wrote the book. Here's another benefit of what you're doing. By sharing openly, you connect with others around the same topic. One tip. I use Google reader and if you use it, you can go into settings and create a "bundle" and share it with others so they can subscribe to the same feeds too! ;-) Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for mentioning the name of the book so I could find you and respond. I subscribe to a google blog search for the words "Flattening Classrooms" and everyone who blogs using those terms is sent into my RSS reader. Then, I checked Mr. Reader and was able to see what you're doing. This is "brand management" which is a third use of RSS as we talk about in the book! "

Dec 14, 12

I have to say - @profhacker ROCKS. In this week's round up (something I always try to read) he points to an article questioning what the "Dunbar number is for teaching." The Dunbar number is number that hypothetically, is the maximum number you can meaningfully have interactions - really, the number of "friends" you can have and those people be REAL friends -- or at least acquaintances.

This question is an important one -- if we can find the "Dunbar number for teaching" then we could structure class sizes and course loads to not exceed that maximum - at least if we care about real teaching. It could at least give us a litmus test to determine if organizations really care about good teaching.

We know that smaller class sizes are better - but if we can MEANINGFULLY interact - in these times, wouldn't we look at that upper limit as a sort of maximum number?

I will link to the other article as well, but wanted to point out profhacker just because the blog ROCKS.

Dec 14, 12

I need to get my daughter to translate this very cool trailer for a project for teachers - very cool. Why don't we make trailers to start school years and projects? We could even end a project by having kids make trailers for the next participants. Cool.

Sep 11, 12

"Our Pathways to Learning - ways we built knowledge"
Three teachers share how they have build their pathways to learning. I love the wonderful stories and serendipitous experiences that have shaped their lives. These would make great case studies for discussing the modern, connected teacher and how they are connecting online. If you have a college class and study them, you could ask them questions on the Ning as well.  (Anyone can join.)

May 24, 12

I think that over the summer one of the best things you can do is to engage in conversation with other teachers at your level. Here is a set of a forums for the elementary and kindergarten level organized by topic. This may be a great place to engage and start talking.

Apr 22, 12

Love this post by Karen Greenhaus about building her own PLN. buildimg and sharing your pln are both part of modern teaching and pofessional development.

Apr 22, 12

Great questions by Tim Holt questioning the anecdotes used by many speakers. here was my response, but these are questions needing to be asked. ". I think those that know how to build a PLN , relationships, and use hashtags have an advantage for sure, but I don't think ou have to have an incredibly large network. I have a student doing a great project @Apps_for_Autism with almost 300 followers since January and she is building momentum. The point is that the successful are connectors and we want students to be successful, so connection literacies are part of communication skills we should cover just like public speaking."

Mar 28, 12

If you want to quickly add some great feeds to your google reader, here's a bundle of lovely edublogs (over 800 of them) you can pull into a folder. You could remove those that don't interest you after reading. You can use these to get started in Google reader.

Feb 22, 12

Mark Wagner has created a very useful guide for educators about personal learning networks. This is an excellent read for those who want to use social media to build a PLN.

Nov 19, 11

From Steve Wheeler's blog -"I was quite impressed by Joyce Seitzinger's Professional Learning Environment (PLN) model that she presented at Deakin University in Melbourne this week. " some great thoughts to ponder here although I agree with Steve that this model looks like a first draft to me.

Jun 27, 09

Microblogging service built for students and teachers.

Aug 22, 11

There is a friends of Teaching 2030 on the Teacher Leaders Network. This is a national initiative of the center for teaching quality.

Jun 30, 11

Thanks for rt @coolcatteacher @PaulMBaker @missnoor28 kindly I invite you to join #edtech20 #curation #PLN #edchat

Jan 15, 11

Excellent reflection from learning and taking slow steady steps towards improvement from mprovost on the "provost English & Technology blog. I love this quote:

"For one, as I focus on my goals, I want to include my students and their parents in the process."

  • Regarding technology integration in my classroom, there are some immediate changes that will take place.  For one, as I focus on my goals, I want to include my students and their parents in the process. 
Jun 23, 10

An older post from 2008, but still an excellent one about how to begin developing your personal learning network.

Jan 28, 10

Excellent post from David Warlick with lots of wonderful ideas for promoting a learning lifestyle in your school. Brian Tracy calls this being an "omnilearner" - that you are always learning all of the time - it is an ongoing process. Modeling is vital also!

  • wishing that I had the answers to their questions about promoting more relevant learning in their classrooms.
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