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12 Apr 13

If you have to order tshirts or come up with theme ideas, I love this website. It has more than sports slogans but slogans for just about anything. People vote them up. Very cool site for organizers of anything and principals. Enjoy!

19 Jun 12

Microsoft Office doesn't have 2012-2013 academic calendars in their templates (yet) so here are some calendars that you can download and use as you plan next year.

31 May 12

I've downloaded this free book with 50 ideas to "meet" your new students. If you don't feel you started well last year or are looking for ideas, this is a book with lots of ideas. Targeted to younger classes but you could get some ideas for older kids.

25 Jan 12

This app is a top paid app in the iTunes store. It is a new one to bit the charts.

06 Jan 12

This preschool teacher doesn't use the typical lesson plan book. I love the transparency. "Here is my system: Since I am a big fan of the Reggio Emilia Project Approach, I do not sit down before the week begins and plan what we’ll do for each day. I plan for the current day, and am willing to make changes if something wonderful has come up. (For example, we might be learning how to make paper but a child brings in an amazing collection of shells. If the children want to learn about shells that day, I am ready to switch gears. The paper can wait.) This system allows me to switch gears and not have to re-write anything.".

28 Apr 11

Toni Olivieri-Barton talked about this cool website in our Flat Classroom certified teacher last night.

03 May 08

Excellent overview by Bud the Teacher on what is happening at the National Writing project events this weekend and reflections on the areas he is wanting to learn more about.

  • We’ll spend the weekend thinking through the identity of our respective organizations and what we can do online to both reflect and support that identity and the good work that all of us are trying to do in our various locations around writing and teaching and learning.
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