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Sep 25, 13

A popular website for uploading your best photos and selling them is 500px. You can upload 20 pictures for free a week and have your personal store selling your photos. This is a money maker for those students who are photography buffs.

Feb 24, 13

This is the photo permisison form used by the state of New Jersey schools. I'm not sure if you should be required to specifically notify parents that photo recognition software is available. I do like the different levels of permission but am not sure how they track it in photos, etc. This seems like it would be a bit of a struggle, I guess it would have to be done with the use of colored dots on field trips, etc. 

Feb 16, 13

As students work on projects, permissions for photos is important, this website lists 50 of the top places to get free photos.

Feb 16, 13

Some interesting lessons for teaching photography with students in high school classes. I like to use photos on flickr as we discuss the rule of thirds, and other techniques. 

Feb 16, 13

There is a wrong way to follow a photography policy. This is an example. While the child wasn't to be included in photos, the photographer removed him in a way that bothered the parents. Just realize this is a sensitive issue and that schools should have photography policies.
"A second grader at Sawgrass Elementary School in Sunrise, Fla., who didn't have the parental consent form to be in his class photo was nevertheless included, but in a way that has shocked school officials and the boy's parents, WPLG TV reports.


Per the elementary school's request, The Huffington Post blurred the faces of the other students in the photo, but the second grade boy can still be seen with a crude, brown-colored, smiley face placed over his face."

Dec 12, 12

Twitter has new photo filters powered by Aviary (an incredible tool that you can add for free, the last time I checked, to your school's Google apps for education account) it is easy to use. This article from mashable covers the changes but wonders if it is enough to pull people away from Instagram, who pulled the "twitter cards' feature earlier this week as more social media organizations try to claim "mine mine" over their users and don't want to share. Meanwhile, those who benefit, tend to be those who share the most.

Jun 01, 12

If you have an iPhone, Camera+ is the best way to take photos. It is on sale right now for $.99.

May 09, 12

What a fascinating lesson plan (and a way to get students out during these last few weeks of school.) Find postcards from the past in your area and go and recreate the photograph today to compare the differences. This is a great lesson in both history but also photography. (And you could incorporate how photography as changed as well.) If you work with a local historical society, then you are "flattening" by removing classroom walls and linking up with others.

"Use video or digital still photography to enhance lessons on local history and historical change. Students locate historic photos and then re-shoot at that location using a video or still camera. The combined photographic research will record changes that have impacted a community, give students a perspective on the history of an area, and contribute to a communities’ historic record.

Apr 18, 12

There are some great photographs in the Google Photography prize finalists. They had over 20,000 students who submitted. There are 100 in the gallery and some of them are incredible. If you love photos and enjoy students, you'll like looking at these.

Here are the winners:
"Our judging panel of seven leading photography experts chose the 10 finalists whose work will be shown in our exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery. Today we’re announcing the finalists: Collin Avery (U.S.), Viktor Johansson (Sweden), Kyrre Lien (Norway), Alexandra Claudia Manta (Romania), Balázs Maté (Hungary), Adi Sason (Israel), Oliver Seary (UK), Dana Stirling (Israel), Sasha Tamarin (Israel), Zhao Yi (China). Here are examples of the finalists' work—you can see their full albums on their Google+ profiles."

Apr 03, 12

Instagram is on Android with support for Facebook Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare but not Flickr. Increasingly, pictures are being shared due to the proliferation of websites like pinterest. It is a free app and a great way to share photographs from your phone.

Jan 02, 12

Robert Scoble shares his walk with the Lytro camera that Dan Pink named the technology to watch in 2012. Time will tell.

Jan 02, 12

Photography buffs have got to see this set of best "shooting challenges" of 2011.

Dec 29, 11

Dan Pink predicted that next year's hot technology item is going to be the Lytro camera. It captures everything and lets you focus afterwards. It looks very cool but it is one of those things I need to see to understand. Anyone using one yet?

Dec 24, 11

27% of photos taken this year were taken on smartphones.

I am not sure why schools are banning cell phones and buying cameras.

Dec 17, 11

The sooner kids realize that most magazine images are photoshopped, the better. I remember a model on a tv show being asked what it feels to look like her and responding thatbwith all the photoshop on her photos that she wished she looked like herself too! This is a great thing and some would like advertisers to start disclosing the percentage of their photos that are photoshopped.

Dec 01, 11

If you love photography, this set is worth a scroll. The 14 most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Including a redwaterfall at the pole.

Dec 01, 11

One of the challenges for some teachers may be if you as the teacher use photoshop and the studetns are using elements. These videos about Photoshop Elements 10 may be helpful.

Nov 07, 11

So your annual staff needs to make money. Leslie Fischer mentioned last week that some schools are pulling in thousands of dollars off of the photos they take for the annual. Smugmug automates this for you.

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