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02 Dec 13

Nice post by Margaret Regan on Edutopia's blog with 3 Strategies to promote independent thinking. With some practical examples and use of a word I haven't heard -- "autotelic" or those happiest when absorbed in complex activities. That would describe many of us coder types. Great post.

17 Jan 12

The QR code Classroom Implementation Guide continues to move towards being one of the most popular posts I've ever written. They can save you time on assessment and in many ways. Hope this is helpful.

03 Jan 12

Darren Kuropatwa writes about some of the current controversies in Manitoba Canada as they grapple with being ranked 10 out of 11 in a recent government benchmark. Again, it is troubling when governments get more into ranking than in to comparing how you did this year versus last year.

19 Aug 11

Excellent article about public feedback that flies in the face of what many are doing. Challenge your thinking.

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