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Jan 14, 14

I talked to Melvina from Hawaii and her students are using Growtopia to build worlds for understanding Japanese culture. Very interesting 2D world sort of like minecraft.

Dec 12, 13

A learning guide for Project Based Learning that you can download and review. A great PD tool for the break.

Sep 13, 13

Excellent article from ASCD about meaningful work and students. I particularly appreciate the section on having a driving question. "A project without a driving question is like an essay without a thesis." Absolutely. Does your project or activity have a driving question? Great article worth a read.

Sep 04, 13

Richard Byrne recommends using Azendoo to organize group projects. While I use Trello, I do recommend finding something to help you manage #geniushour if you're going to take that approach in your classroom - Azendoo may just work.

Sep 04, 13

Will you help Silvia Tolisano's students by letting them know what screencasts you want them to record?

Thank you for taking a moment. This is a great project she's doing for these 6th graders. She does such a wonderful job of helping students develop an authentic audience.

May 23, 13

I'll be spending time to AJ Juliani, Steve Mogg and Rosie Esposito from Wissahikon school district. Here's a copy of their Graduation project required to graduate from their school. I think all schools should have graduation projects. There is information and manuals if you want to look into this for yourself. I saw this in Evansvlle High school as well. This can be part of your genius work.

"As part of graduation from Wissahickon High School, every senior is required to complete a graduation project.  The projects include research, writing and an oral presentation to assure that students are able to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluation information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding.  This is culminating project in one or more areas of concentrated study under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty. "

Apr 12, 13

So, you can look at this list but I totally disagree with it. Trello should be on the TOP of the list and secondly dropbox (which links with Trello.) Trello is based on agile. You can look at this list and talk about what it is doing, however, as a teacher, I use a totally different set. I'd put 1) Trello, 2) Dropbox and 3) Screencastomatic (ok, I do post screencastomatic to youtube.)

Jan 24, 13

I had a great conversation led by Rae Pica and with
Dr. William Bender, Suzie Boss, Anthony Cody as we briefly discussed project based learning. It was an enjoyable conversation (but a fast one). If you want to pick up some quick conversations about important topics.BAM radio is a great one to add to your podcast lists for the ride to school. I'm finding a lot of gems there.

Aug 25, 12

This type of article is continuing to proliferate as people question a textbook non-reality based degree happening in many universities. One of the things that made Georgia Tech unique when I was there was how many real-world experiences and projects students were required to do - often for real companies. With the skyrocketing cost of higher education, and the proliferation of "degrees" the brand of a university needs to be tied not to just head knowledge but knowledge of the "hands" (how to). Read this article about hiring web designers, while this is a unique field, it speaks to what is being said in industry about the college education and why college education is destined to change in a fundamental way in the near future.

Jul 17, 12

This wiki started in Alabama but is a collaborative wiki where elementary classrooms are working together to learn about each other's states. There is an open invitation on the homepage to join in.

Jul 07, 12

My year long technology project (Google 20% project) can be downloaded here along with a link to the website where you can see my student work. This was an incredible project and I'm integrating it into all of my courses this year.

Jun 05, 12

As you review project based learning, efolios, and best practices, Edutopia has some great guides and this is one to read.

Jun 05, 12

This indexed list of technology teaching ideas is organized by age and type of project. Each summer you should take time to review ideas and if you're using technology, this is a great website.

May 20, 12

This student for her 20% time project created a blog and Twitter account @misssweetteeth. I was able to teach her a lot about social media and blogging and she's been working hard on the project.
 (students in Computer fundamentals spend 20% of their time working on a personal interest project. This student is interested in going into the dental field.) 

May 18, 12

Fascinating overview of a PBL school. I would like to point out that now that I have a 20% time project where students spend 20% of their time in my class working on a technology-enriched project of their choice - that my students are doing many of these incredible things. Every school should have their students doing personal interest projects as a core requirement of what you do to graduate from that school. End of year portfolio websites should be something all students do on a platform that they can "take with them" after high school. This is all part of finding your passion. This is a great overview from Suzie Boss at Edutopia of this incredible high school in Georgia.

May 01, 12

As I assess my student's work, it is incredible what so many of them have done with their "google 20%" project. One day a week, they worked on a special interest project. I found this nugget at the bottom of the wiki page from my student who recorded an album of 10 songs. You can hear some of his work with the presentation.
"It is only when you begin to actually feel the music that you are able to call upon your imagination and creativity to forge improvisations and compositions, and add yourself, or rather, or soul to the piece--the music actually expresses a part of you."

Mar 26, 12

My friend Mano from ISTE is working to get some attention from HP for her K12 project. It is the only K12 project I see on the site and hasn't garnered enough votes. I'm all for K12 collaboration, so I'm liking her project and ask if you'll do the same.

Dec 15, 11

I love this lesson plan which includes algebra, ratios, angles, and stastics that most 9th and 10th graders I know could compute. This could be a very fund summary activity. Look at this PDF and powerpoint and create your own. If you do, please share it with me in the comments or email it to me, I'd like to share what you do.

Apr 13, 11

Nice article at Edutopia by Thom Markam.My favorite quote about pbl is:

"But its ultimate benefit is to help students think, learn, and operate in the new century by challenging them at deeper levels. That requires reversing the equation between skills and content: PBL is method for teaching students to find, process, understand, and share information, not a way to extend the industrial landscape of regurgitation and recall."

  • But its ultimate benefit is to help students think, learn, and operate in the new century by challenging them at deeper levels. That requires reversing the equation between skills and content: PBL is method for teaching students to find, process, understand, and share information, not a way to extend the industrial landscape of regurgitation and recall.
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