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May 18, 13

Another beautiful site and student work. Students update these and use them as they apply for scholarships. As I type this, I'm listening to this student's CD. He and his friends decided to cut a CD for his passion project. I love how this project gets students to do the things they want to do. Things that are important but don't get done move up the list when they are getting a grade - especially for your strong students. I think of the beautiful music that has been recorded on CD as part of these projects and it means a lot. I wish you can hear it, but likely they will release it soon. ;-)

May 18, 13

This a general overview video that my student Riya made as part of her passion project. She wanted to help kids be unafraid of going to the pediatrician's office and she wants to be a pediatrician herself. She now has a youtube channel complete with videos to help children. I'm very proud of what she's done. This is just one example of the kind of learning that can happen. click on her name to view the other videos in the series. It is so interesting to see how much her little brother has grown in the 2 years she's been making the videos.

May 18, 13

I love this project created by one of my students to help children be unafraid to go to the doctor. She has a youtube channel called Pediatric Videos with one video having more than 50,000 views (the one on CT scanning.) Her dad is a pediatrician and filmed everything while supervising her and helping her write the script. Her little brother was the patient. This is a fantastic example of a passion based project.

May 09, 13

Help your kids submit their idea and work to Quest to matter. This is a great way to showcase what your students are doing. It will also open up opportunities for mentoring. If you know a kid who is doing something cool to change the world - SUBMIT IT. The end date is June 7th. Why not have your class create a quest to matter. If you haven't had a chance to do a genius project or some creative teacherpreneurship with passion projects - USE THIS opportunity. My friend Angela Maiers had this idea and many have joined in (like me) to help create a website showcasing and promoting all the great work that students are doing as social entrepreneurs to change the world. There will be a winning project that is showcased and mentored. 

Apr 17, 13

This is a tumblr blog from a student who is a very interesting person. She said people always come to her for relationship advice and so she's created a tumblr all about breakups, feeling good about yourself even if you're not in a relationship and -- she's taking questions about breakups like a dear Abby for teens. Surprisingly, she's getting many questions - some may be silly but I think it is going to make for some funny and entertaining content. With all of these, my students are required to note that no profanity is allowed. 

Apr 17, 13

One of my students is the daughter of a local pediatrician and wants to go into the field herself. She created her channel last year and is continuing to add videos this year. She has a video What is the CAT/CT Scan machine that has over 53,000 views! She scans her little brother while her Dad (a pediatrician) runs the video camera. Her desire was to create videos that will help children be less afraid of the doctor and the equipment used. I think it is kind of funny the expressions her little brother has. ;-)

Apr 17, 13

A tumblr blog that 2 of my students are creating. featuring music that motivates.  They embed tumblrs and youtube videos and also share onto Twitter. If you like music, you might want to follow them. You can also submit your playlist of your favorite songs for them to share.

Apr 17, 13

Two of my students are sharing photos and a love of the ocean with their passion project. This is their instagram that they set up this week. They already have 76 followers. Love what they are doing.

Apr 17, 13

A transformational practice that is in the second year in my own classroom. This is as transformational and essential as adding global collaboration to your classroom.

Mar 02, 13

This is an excellent example of a passion based or personal interest project. Riya is the daughter of a prominent pediatrician and wants to be one herself. She's been making videos since Fall of 2011 for her Pediatric Video channel on Youtube. Her CAT Scan machine video has received over 40,000 views. Wow!

May 20, 12

This student for her 20% time project created a blog and Twitter account @misssweetteeth. I was able to teach her a lot about social media and blogging and she's been working hard on the project.
 (students in Computer fundamentals spend 20% of their time working on a personal interest project. This student is interested in going into the dental field.) 

Feb 21, 12

You can connect with your students. Here are five ways I strive to do this in my own classroom. (In a piece I wrote for the

95% of what you accomplish is because of your habits. What are the habits in the classroom that will help you reach more students?

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