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May 31, 14

If you use Dropbox, this handy tool will create rules. So, for example, when a student turns in a video or anything into a folder and you don't want other students to grab a copy, you can set up rules in Sortmybox to grab the file and put it in a folder "to grade" for example. Or if a video is uploaded that is large, take it out and put it elsewhere. This is a handy assistant and organizing tool for anyone using Dropbox.

Jul 12, 12

Going paperless is a challenge but I've had a lot of success using dropbox and Google Apps as well as one note.

Dec 01, 11

Free atomic learning on creating eportfolios with Adobe Acrobat X from Atomic Learning.

Dec 01, 11

One of the things I have as my "big three" this year is the concept of a paperless portfolio using adobe acrobat pro. I'm a member of Adobe ed exchange and am using it to find all kinds of great resources. This page has links to best practices for eportfolios, digital assessment, as well as streamlining admin tasks. Useful resources. The cool thing is you can annotate with video, audio, an text and pdfs move very well onto ipads and devices like that.

Dec 01, 11

I have to admit that I've become a huge Acrobat Pro fan. We use it in my classroom to print, annotate, and do all kinds of things. I look forward to learning about how to use this program to convert everything into year end portfolio dvds with movies, text, etc. 

Nov 27, 11

A teachers's pondering on QR codes with some nice links.

Aug 19, 11

Lets you create an email to send files security to your dropbox account.

Aug 19, 11

Article sharing how to use dropbox with students when your school will not give them access!

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