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May 31, 14

If you use Dropbox, this handy tool will create rules. So, for example, when a student turns in a video or anything into a folder and you don't want other students to grab a copy, you can set up rules in Sortmybox to grab the file and put it in a folder "to grade" for example. Or if a video is uploaded that is large, take it out and put it elsewhere. This is a handy assistant and organizing tool for anyone using Dropbox.

Jun 21, 12

Here are some display boards that you can use in your classroom as you prepare for the start of the new school year. I hope you'll add your own (there is a competition and you can win money!)

Jan 04, 12

Too much clutter. Join the Clutterfat challenge from Leo Babatua. If you're a productivity type person like I am, you'll get a lot out of Leo. Why not take this challenge for your classroom? 

Mar 20, 10

Here is the "fly librarian" for organizing a library. ;-)

Mar 20, 10

I love the "fly lady" for being organized and cleaning and just found the downloadable Teacher Control Journal. I'm just downloading it on Saturday night, so I'll let you know.

Aug 15, 09

Make a custom chore chart for your kids. I love the FlyLady routines (from the book Sink Reflections) for keeping the house clean and having the kids with routines is important. I used this for my 8 year old's routines and put it in a sheet protector to be wiped off at the end of each week.

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