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Apr 12, 12

Here is the presentation I gave to the Open education forum at the Berkman Center at Harvard - it was a very short overview of Flat Classroom and designed to make the point about creating symbiotic learning relationships. Students don't consume to learn - thinking you can make a video and "teach" is pretty preposterous. This talks about pulling people into your network and how to get them there. Again, it was very short and then  a panel discussion afterwards.

Mar 18, 12

In 3 weeks I'll be heading to the Berkman center for an Open Education Grantee meeting as a person who provides feedback to the grantees. I'm very excited to meet many of the people who have been invited but also to learn and soak in (and share) everything. With the people who will gather, certainly, there will be an impact on the open education movement.

Mar 16, 12

An excellent website listing resources for the open education movement. This wiki has a lot of information and is a helpful place to familiarize yourself with Open Education and the benefits. Professionals in higher education definitely need to explore and make this part of their PD. These professionals also need to understand how to contribute to open education research as well.

Mar 30, 10

My ninth graders have completed a module documenting how to do various tasks in OpenSim, the virtual world we use that is hosted by Reactiongrid. This wiki has the links, instructions, and other pages with tutorials on how to do various items. I was assessing this today and thought I'd pass it along as there is some great information to show you how to do things. (If you are a beginning second lifer you may also learn some things.)

Dec 29, 11

Very nice listing of open education resources for those of you looking for opencourseware. How long till schools start using these sites as their curriculum?

Jun 28, 11

WPClipart is a collection of high-quality artwork and photos optimized for use with word processors and inkjet printers.

Citation: @wfryer: WP Clip Art is great site of openly licensed clip art via @kfasimpaur #iste11

Apr 15, 11

Yale has released several more high def courses hinging upon video posted on youtube. Wither you can use it with students, you could easily learn a lot. There are several videos including one on capitalism that would be great for an economics course.
Take your students to Yale for a day!

Yale has been busy with 20 something videos posted this week. They are also on itunes U.

Aug 06, 10

This incredible article will challenge your thinking about the open content movement and where the Net as a whole is heading. A Great read for anyone interested in the Internet.

  • History is hard to know, because of all the hired lies, but even without being sure of "history" it seems entirely reasonable to think that every now and then the energy of a moment comes to a head in a long fine flash, for reasons that nobody really understands at the time—and which never explain, in retrospect, what actually happened.
  • It's premature to publish an obituary for openness in educational technology just yet. But it's also foolish to assume there will be a happy ending to this story.
  • At that time, it was widely assumed that serious online learning had to happen inside a designated learning management system, a closed and tightly controlled environment that was effectively cut off from the rest of the web

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Apr 21, 10

This is is a very important study from the U.K. and Office of Standards in Education in 2009 entitled "The Safe use of new technologies" showed that where provision for e-safety was outstanding all used ‘managed’
systems to help pupils to become safe and responsible users of new technologies."

This is being cited EVERYWHERE. Take a look.

Apr 09, 10

Free webinars from Discovery on Learn Central and Elluminate as part of the NetGenEd project - you're invited!

Webinar 1 - Joe Brennan, Storyboarding

Other sessions are listed below. These sessions are also being promoted on LearnCentral (
as part of the community events calendar. The link to the room for you
your students is:

Webinar 2 (Zone 2)
April 14, 9pm EST, Hall Davidson host
Topic: Budgeting / Big Picture

Webinar 3 (Zone 1)
April 21, 11am EST, Joe Brennan host
Topic: Sound

Webinar 4 (Zone 2)
April 28, 9pm EST, Hall Davidson host
Topic: Acting

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