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Jul 03, 13

This four part video series about the "Invisible children" is an excellent model for how you can share what you're doing. The design on this page is fantastic as well. This organization creaed #kony2012 as their 10th film. They understand social media mobilization. This is an important cause and also the example of how the story wouldn't be told if it weren't for good storytellers.
We are first and foremost a "social media, storytelling organization" - they think it is fundamentally untrue that you cannot relate to someone halfway around the world.

Jul 03, 13

My friend Beth Kanter, nonprofit fundraising pioneer, is honoring her late father by asking for people to donate to the nonprofit Surfrider Foundation. She has created a hashtag #oceanloveearl. IF you want to support or know more about this movement, here's the information on Mashable

Dec 19, 12

"Front & Center with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Photos, videos and stories from our artists. Interviews, articles and links from our staff. A new way to follow the music!"
So many organizations are finding an audience on Tumblr and YouTube. Schools, arts, and more. The stage is no longer the only stage or the most important stage - and websites like tumblr can help struggling nonprofits attract more.

In this series, the artists are talking about how they've created new artistry around the Nutcracker. Very cool.

Oct 01, 12

Beth Kanter, the nonprofit social media guru, discusses research about promoted posts on Facebook and nonprofits. Targeted, timely posts can represent as much as a $600 per post uptick, however, general promoted posts don't make a difference. Interesting research. If you are in charge of fundraising at your nonprofit or school, you should follow Beth's Blog and should buy her book, the Networked Nonprofit.

Jul 25, 12

HULK accounts are popping up in all fields on Twitter as they tweet in all caps about their area of interest. Here, Beth Kanter talks about her (failed) attempt to unmask the nonprofit Hulk. Yes,I'm laughing. I need to look and see if there is an education -- someone with the dry wit of Jon Becker needs to take that one on. Now, I'm looking for hulk. ;-)

Jul 06, 12

As we contemplate foundations, I think we have to have our eyes wide open to the possibility that few things are given with no strings attached. This article will make you think and it is a good read although it will upset many we have to be willing to talk about what could be the dark side of some foundations.

Feb 28, 12

If you work in social media, this article talks about the balance between immediately distrusting new technology and "shiny object syndrome." There is a balance and this article does a great job of helping you see both sides.

Feb 28, 12

If you work with empowering the victims of crimes, I think the Women in Haiti case study shared on this website is an important one to help you understand how to empower people who are or could become victims. This program by digital democracy, uses technology, trains volunteers, and collects data so that an understanding of what is happening can help drive solutions. This is something we should look at doing in many other areas. If you work as an advocate with victims of any kind, take a read. 

This, my friends, is a great use of technology. I want to be part of helping such things spread. Will you?

Technology is not a panacea.  In any successful project, it is only one piece of the puzzle. However, technological tools provide an opportunity to amplify peacebuilding efforts.  Some key recommendations from Digital Democracy’s recent experience working with women’s groups in Haiti include:
Survivors of sexual violence are not passive victims.  They are often strong, vocal advocates for change.
A shared blog can provide a powerful platform. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the blog Fanm Pale offered an opportunity for women to share their stories with the outside world.
Data matters. Accurate data can help target preventative and relief efforts. With technical skill-building, women can collect this data themselves.
Engaging male allies is crucial. Gender parity and respect for both sexes can only be achieved through engaging men and women alike to work for peace in their communities.

Jan 03, 12

Beth Kanter is one of the leaders in managng a nonprofit and using social media. her upcoming booknaounds exciting. if you are a nonprofit or fundraiser you need to rewd her blog. here is her announcement anout what 2012 holds for her. ". As Visiting Scholar to the David and Lucile Packard Foundation this past year (my 3rd), one project I worked on was facilitating peer learning groups to test and develop case studies and frameworks for my next book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” that I co-authored with KD Paine and editor, Bill Paarlberg. The book will publish in the second half of 2012. The book is a how-to guide for using measurement and learning to improve networked nonprofit practices."

Dec 20, 11

"I"m a modern day abolitionist."
"It just isn't enough to have emotion."

This video is a phenomenal portrayal of a boy who has taken up a cause. Loose change to loose chains is his nonprofit. Consider sharing this video with your students.

Do you realize that modern day slavery exists? Come on. This is ridiculous.

This holiday season, I'm asking that you give a tweet, a facebook status update a day to the cause to #endslavery. What can all the teachers do if we bring awareness to this important issue. The slaves aren't on twitter or social media -they can't speak for themselves. Speak out. Watch this video.

Jun 28, 11

Not everyone does what they say with money for charity. Lady GaGa is under scrutiny and criticism for not donating money to japanese quake survivors from the sale of her wristbands.

Jun 28, 11

Interesting website for those who are graduating or getting married. This lets you create one master registry out of everything on the web. Interesting.

For nonprofits, you can create a list of the things that you need and people can put money towards those items. So, this could be used for schools too. Teachers could make a wishlist. Cool idea.

Apr 19, 11

Ecellent blog post on the use of QR codes in nonprofits from social media nonprofit guru - Beth Kanter. Tons of potential here!

Apr 11, 11

Yes, nonprofits are seeing success on Facebook. Beth Kanter, nonprofit social media guru, has a guest post from Kyle Andrei of Idealware on their findings about Facebook and nonprofits. Fundraisers, schools, and facebook fans read up.

Jul 16, 10

Beth Kanter's wiki with resources from her amazing new book "the Networked Nonprofit." I highly recommend this book!

Aug 23, 08

I'm proud of Beth Kanter and her recent work at Gnomedex in showing people the power of social media to help important causes. It was all over twitter this weekend. Way to go Beth!

Organizations that organize these tools also ignore potential donations.

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