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Mar 29, 13

Another interesting site for recommendations of apps, etc. Edshelf has some very interesting collections. They have collections for school counselors, for creating things, etc. I'm joining and looking into this site for finding cool things. If you like apps, try this site.
LOOKS INTERESTING RT @Kitty_Tripp: WOW! Cannot wait to use #ISTE2015 @kctesterman

LOOKS INTERESTING RT @Kitty_Tripp: WOW! Cannot wait to use #ISTE2015 @kc…

Dec 18, 14

What is really happening in schools around the world? How many are being attacked? Why do people attack schools? If you want to understand the true nobility of teaching -- see this article. We are viewed as symbols of progress and community leadership. Attack us and you attack a community. It is heartbreaking but also at the same time, cognizant of the true leadership of teachers in our world today.

Dec 11, 14

Ideal length of everything. Twitter: 100 characters, FAcebook: 40

Dec 10, 14

Excellent research study of 200,000 people on work and jobs. Leaders and policy makers will want to read this.

Dec 04, 14

Immediately responding to your email makes you worse at your job! Researchers recently coined a term for this urge to immediately respond to emails and engage in obsessive thoughts about returning an email to one's boss, colleagues or clients: "workplace telepressure." They found that telepressure is not only a major cause of stress at work, it's also a health hazard. The research, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, found that a fixation on work email can contribute to physical and mental burnout.

Dec 04, 14

Free comic book about copyright that teaches you everything you need to know. You can even remix it. There are multiple translations as well (and you can buy a hard copy.) Awesome tool to use.

Oct 16, 14

While gmail has added some encryption features, it isn't really enough of anything. ProtonMail was recommended by a recent Forbes article for having the highest level of security of any email service. If you need to send bank draft information, w-9's or other information, it makes sense to have one of these accounts. They simply charge for extra storage.

Sep 17, 14

Star wars final throne room scene without the sound. Compare the two videos to show the power of sound and discuss the difference. Good movies are made with a good script great movies are made with a good script and great sound (supposedly according to my friends who do this.)

Aug 09, 14

A cool tool for studying flashcards. Here's the system:
View a card and think of the answer.
Flip the card to reveal the answer.
Rate how well you will remember that answer forever on a scale of 1-5.
Brainscape will color code the cards based on your confidence rating.
Brainscape shows you lower-rated cards more often than those you already know.

Jul 19, 14

Chromebook friendly wordclouds. Since Java doesn't run on the chromebook, you'll want to find non-java alternatives for your word clouds.

Jun 11, 12

Jerry Blumengarten (Cybraryman1) has made a list of diigo resources. Many great ones here to follow as well as instructions. I"ll be presenting on Diigo with co-founder Maggie Tsai at ISTE 2012.
RT @cybraryman1: @coolcatteacher @Kitty_Tripp @bradmcurrie @wkrakower My Diigo page:

@coolcatteacher @Kitty_Tripp @bradmcurrie @wkrakower My Diigo page:

— Jerry Blumengarten (@...

Dec 02, 13

The Teach 100 is a ranking of top blogs in education. Many great blogs on this list - many are group blogs but there are also some single blogs (like me). Excited to be on the list, especially with recently moving my blog - many lists like this I had to start completely over. Lots of great sites here.
RT @jackiegerstein: Teach 100 list of educational blogs recommended by @Larryferlazzo #TeachDoNow #edchat

Teach 100 list of educational blogs recommended by @Larryferlazzo #Teac...

Jun 28, 14

Global education teacher resources. Free lesson plans and so much more.

Jun 10, 14

If you want to create a marketing campaign of some kind, this is a great list for your marketing department.

Jun 10, 14

Adobe Voice - a Very fast and free way to make videos from your pictures and voice. For the ipad. Free from Adobe and very slick.

Jun 10, 14

Create fast polls using Three cents for iphone and ipad.

May 27, 14

Would be great to see some of our mobile technology companies in education win some of these awards. We've seen some great inroads of late. (Kahoot and Socrative are two of a few I can think of as well as some of the scanning apps, etc.)

May 27, 14

This important excerpt of a larger book hits on the quality of teachers and the success of children in low-income schools. If you want a better school, spend money on staff development and helping your teachers become more proficient. This article is full of research and important topics of conversation among teachers and policy makers.


May 01, 14

This powerful infographic shows why it is so hard to find some black boxes in the ocean but also shows the complete and utter power of an infographic. The Washington Post made this one about the downed Korean airliner and the quest to find the black box. Some don't know why it is so hard -- take a dive through this infographic and start to understand. Wow.

Apr 29, 14

As we near Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-9), nonprofit is reaching out to educators nationwide to help both local teachers and beyond who are spending out-of-pocket on classroom materials necessary for success.

With more than 15 million students coming from families who cannot provide the resources needed to succeed in school, many teachers pay as much as $1,000 annually out-of-pocket for the most basic of classroom materials.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, is reaching out to outlets like Cool Cat Teacher blog to help end teacher-funded classrooms for educators who are in need and for those who would like to donate to a teacher in their area.

Through, 100 percent of donations go directly to the teacher to purchase classroom supplies from the more than 20 vendors registered on our website.

We encourage all to register their own classroom by clicking here. And for those looking to help one of their peers, the following are instructions to do so:
1. Go to and select “Search” at the top of the page.
2. Search for a teacher by name, community, or school, or select one of the featured teachers to donate to.
3. Once you have selected your teacher to support, choose the amount, create a login, which will remain live for future donations, and process your donation!

To date, has raised more than $20 million, serving more than 138,000 teachers. Much of these funds go to the most basic of needs, like pencils, paper, books, learning aids and crayons.

Please let me know if you would have interest in learning more about and its mission to end teacher-funded classrooms. Whether it is through social channels or your publication, any added awareness of our goal would be greatly appreciated!

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