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Aug 21, 13

If you have Windows 8 in your lab. you'll want Music Maker Jam - a sort of Garage Band" for Windows 8. It doesn't seem to have the complexity but it is a great thing for creating and has a whole different feel. Install it in labs for students to mix their own music.

Mar 19, 13

Just in. Nominate your favorite music teacher for this award!!!

"The GRAMMY Foundation® and The Recording Academy® are partnering to present the first-ever Music Educator Award, to recognize music educators for their contributions to our musical landscape.

Whether singing in the shower, playing in their college marching band, or performing on the GRAMMY® stage, musicians of all levels have had music teachers that have made a difference in their lives, and this award will acknowledge that contribution. 

The award is open to current U.S. music teachers from kindergarten through college, and the first annual award will be presented at the Special Merit Awards Ceremony & Nominees Reception in 2014, the night before the GRAMMY Awards®.

The Music Educator Award recipient will receive an award and honorarium of $10,000. In addition, nine finalists will also be recognized for their contributions and they will each receive an award and $1,000.

Everyone can nominate a teacher – students, parents, friends, colleagues, community members, members of The Recording Academy, school deans and administrators.  Teachers are also able to nominate themselves.  Once a teacher is nominated, s/he will be notified and encouraged to fill out the complete application. 

Feb 05, 13

A website with music that you can use for classroom work. (not safe for podcasts, though.) This was recommended at Kyle Dunbar's 3rd session for the Flat Classroom virtual book club discussion tonight as we talked about Digital citizenship. 

Dec 24, 12

An interesting overview of the different cloud matching services - interestingly the Apple iTunes Match (the most expensive option) will UPGRADE the quality of the music it matches for you, even if you have a lower quality version. Otherwise, as you make up your mind what to do, you'll want to read this article.

Dec 24, 12

The Amazon mp3 store and cloud player is another option for your music. If you've been buying music from Amazon, you already have some music in the cloud - I have to buy it on Amazon for the senior tribute movies I make for graduation because iTunes has so much DRM protection that it is hard to find music that I can use in the movies.

Dec 24, 12

I've been looking at cloud based music services - the Lifehacker people seem to recommend Google music (even if you have an ios device) although if you have more than 20,000 songs you may want to go with Amazon music for $25 a year for 250,000. iTunes Match is $25 a month no matter how much you have and will store everything in the cloud but it is expensive. As for me, I'm going to be setting up google music. Interestingly, some of the coolest gifts we give ourselves are apps in the cloud. this article shares all about Google music.

Aug 06, 12

There are some great apps for music production. I have students use my iphone to record voice overs for their movies. The very best "sound" studio I have is my car - I can pull it up and let them record without background noise. You couldn't do this at most schools, though, but if you have something to record, I highly recommend it.

May 25, 12

Another nice music powerpoint slide - this one on African drumming and music which includes some rhythm games. This particular teacher on TES has some very nice music resources and is worth following. What I do when I find someone that I like is to click the "follow" button and then you get notified when they upload new lessons.

Mar 07, 12

Great lesson that turns writing students into music producers to improve writing. Designed for the middle school classroom.

Jan 03, 12

If you are going to flip your classroom, new research suggests you may want to use classical music as your background music. "New research from France finds students learned more when a videotaped lecture was underscored with classical music. "

Dec 29, 11

So many things are being rethought in teaching including how we teach music. The new "playground sessions" from Zag invention is a system that uses gaming, popular songs, and the idea of play to improve musical ability. It sounds great but we'll have to see how well it is implemented. Never underestimate the power of a powerful app.

Nov 16, 11

iTunes match is an eagerly awaited cloud playing app touted to people who love music and don't have a lot of space for music. The price is around $2.00 a month and this is one of the first reviews I've read of the service.

Jun 28, 11

Start mixing music. Got this information from an iste tweet (without the link.)

citation: RT kwinsper - Dragontape looks promising for creating mashups #ISTE11

Jun 15, 10

For those who are hooking their computer to their sound system this summer, check out this list of great places that stream music. The great thing about many of these services is that they match and find music that is similar to what you already like.

Sep 14, 09

Music makes students smarter - proof from the UK which has spurred them to add a comprehensive music program back into their schools.

  • some conclusive research undertaken by Professor Susan Hallam of the Institute of Education, University of London.
Jul 29, 09

If you have a music program at your school, perhaps you should peruse some of the fascinating thing my new friend Christopher Amos, director of Distance Learning for Carnegie Hall is doing. (I met him at NECC.)

Jun 21, 09

Music coming up on ccmixter that is being mixed and remixed as relating to the unrest in Tehran, Iran.

May 17, 09

This program lets you kick up your mp3 player a bit. Not sure that I will put it on my ipod but planning to install on an old iriver.

  • Apple
Apr 17, 09

Enjoyed watching the Youtube Symphony Orchestra - act 1. Loved it!

Aug 24, 08

This program comes highly recommended. Only the pay version lets you save music, but you can play with this flash interface to see how it works for mixing music - recommended for middle and elementary PC users.

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