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Sep 29, 15

Can you help students motivate themselves? Yes you can! Larry Ferlazzo shares some incredible ideas in this blog post over on Edutopia with more than 25,000 shares as of this time. We can help students motivate themselves.
Love "plussing" via @larryferlazzo - give positive feedback then say "plus you could do__ " #teacherfriends

Love "plussing" via @larryferlazzo - give positive feedback then say "plus you could do__ " …

Mar 29, 13

As I look to gamify my classroom, I'm heading to Class badges to do this. If you want to gamify your classroom, look to this website. (Hey, yes, you could, dare I say it, align with standards!) 

Jan 08, 13

This older video from Seth Godin about "curiosity" is a fantastic video to show teachersac about inspiring curiosity. This is the habitude my school is going to start with and focus on for the next six weeks. I'm showing this video on Wednesday. We show this starting with "why does this matter." 

Jul 12, 12

We have to focus on how to stay up. Here are some things I do to help me stay positive.

Jul 12, 12

I own my own attitude.
"I am at the center of my own attitude. I own it, it is mine.
I can blame no one for putting me in a bad mood fo rthis is my attitude.
The attitude of another is really an Att-U-Tude."

Apr 28, 12

This app lets you make inspirational photo and life collages to keep you motivated through tough days. It is a companion to the motivational 'Mind Bloom game. I'd love to hear from someone playing this game,

Jan 13, 12

A slideshow with more than 50 quotes about "doing the impossible." It may sound silly but sometimes, I'll use slideshare and put quotes or interesting slideshows on my whiteboard and rotate during class. This is something that you can share with others. 

Sep 22, 10

Excellent post about motivation and becoming a more motivated teacher. I really enjoyed reading it!

  • Some of it could be because the technology is working better and because I feel at last I can think about teaching and learning, rather than just thinking of ways to fix things.
  • Opportunity and encouragement to try new ideas and take risks
  • So overall I think I am more motivated because I am using more of my strengths - I think I am helping teachers to become more successful with their use of technology and that some of last year's problems are being solved as decisions made with teaching and learning at the heart of the process.
Sep 07, 09

This is an excellent speech - some of us (like me) will have to show the taped copy later in the week because of scheduling, but if there are concerns, please share the speech ahead of time with those who have questions.

  • but you might not know it until you write a paper for your English class
  • until you do a project for your science class.
  • that’s no excuse for neglecting your homework or having a bad attitude. That’s no excuse for talking back to your teacher, or cutting class, or dropping out of school. That’s no excuse for not trying. 

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