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Oct 03, 12

"McDonald's app is available only in France at the moment but lets customers place an order and pay for it from their iPhone."

Paying via mobile device is going to increase. Now, school lunch cards and numbers are the norm, but I would expect that eventually paying for books and food will be via mobile device. IT is going to be more important than ever that we teach our children how to handle money because paying via mobile, I think, is a lot like paying with a debit card - you don't feel the pain that you do when real cash is involved.

Jul 13, 11

This isn't related to teaching but IS related to managing a household and saving money. I have some friends who are going crazy about how the krazy coupon lady is saving money. Times are tight and I think my teacher friends out there will like this website.

Mar 30, 11

interactive online game to help students see the "impact of smart money decisions."

Jul 13, 10

This iTunes app is free an dteaches the rewards of saving. From Mass Mutual, this is a game designed for kids.

Here is the information they E-mailed me:

"Springfield, Mass., June 23, 2010 – Children’s habits are formed at an early age, and a 2009 study by Forbes Consulting Group for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) revealed that two-thirds of parents think financial education should start then, too. That’s one of the reasons why MassMutual is now offering a free downloadable interactive game, Save! The Game, to help kids learn the value of separating wants from needs when it comes to spending. "

Mar 18, 09

Social networking style stock market game - Stockmarket 101. For those teaching finance - thi sis a more grown up version of the game for high schoolers.

Dec 01, 08

This is the website I'm going to use for my virtual stock market game - I can create my own game.

Mar 24, 08

This is a very important site and has helped me a lot with understanding how to pay off debt and live more frugally and within my means. Mary Hunt, the author has literally transformed my life and I highly recommend this as a resource.

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