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Jan 10, 14

This is an example of what you learn on instagram. I follow joncorripo, math teacher and he posted this hilarious set of slides of calculating the mullet ratio. See the slide to see what I'm talking about. LOL.

Dec 02, 13

How can you improve motivation in Math? Here are some great ideas to share with the math teachers who just say kids "aren't interested" and "don't want to learn." Change something, do something.

Oct 21, 13

Yet another reason to use YouTube. PBS Math Club has a Youtube channel with topics such as "Adding Negative Numbers: Mean Girls and Darth Vader" and What is an integer?" It is important to give teachers access to YouTube even if you block it from student use. Think of it as free cable where you determine the time for everything to be shown.

Oct 21, 13

PBS Learning media has some cool resources and games for kids including a new PBS Math club to help kids with math. You can sign up for free for these resources. There is a middle school history game and also a virtual underwater tour you can use as well.

Apr 17, 13

Darren Burris is an Algebra teacher. His resources for common core are the best I've seen including some online courses aligned with standards (free courses.) If you've got to meet Common Core and don't have new textbooks, these Algebra resources are for you.

Apr 13, 13

Hey Math has created a game that integrates math and maps. It is called Math Trail. You might want to try it out. 

Feb 24, 13

Open sourced textbooks that meet the criteria of the American Institute of Mathematics Editorial board. Students can download these in PDF format.

Jan 29, 13

A nice round up of some incredible math teachers. If you're a math teacher, you'll want to go to these sites and click on the RSS button and add it to your Google Reader.

If you don't have a google reader go to and just paste in the links to each of these blogs and it will put them into the reader for you. Then, when new articles are posted on the blogs, your reader will put them together in a magazine like format using the RSS (really simple subscription) technology.

Go for it.

Dec 22, 12

Larry Ferlazzo writes what may be one of the most important POSTS I've read all year. I like Larry's balanced approach to education, and this post is one more reason why. Memorizing may give you a temporary bump in test scores but it is a long term recipe for disaster - aren't we seeing that now? If you want to understand more, read Larry's post and if you're really interested, pay for the research study behind it which studied 3500 German students over 5 years about their work in math. Larry says

"A quick summary is that, though extrinsic motivation and “surface learning” (such as memorization) might result in short-term gains in assessments, they actually hurt long-term (five-year) academic growth. The development of student intrinsic motivation, “deep learning strategies” (requiring “elaboration” and connections to other knowledge — I think that might correspond to the idea of “transfer”), and students feeling that they had more of a sense of control (though this last quality had a less consistent effect — it seemed to depend on grade level) of their learning were the main ingredients necessary for increased academic growth..."

Dec 18, 12

I was asked by a teacher if I could share some cool math games to be playing near the end of the period. This one is Christmas Tree Light up -- a game about connecting circuits - it does require flash.

Dec 13, 12

I was part of a panel recently talking about a topic near to my heart, conservation education. I grew up on a farm and taking good care of the earth has been ingrained in me since I was a child pulling weeds and playing with ladybugs. I was impressed with all of the panelists. Of particular interest to many of you is the math teacher using Common Core and integrating conservation.

"The panelists were:  Dr. Brian Davis, Vice President of Education and Training  of the Georgia Aquarium;  Daniel Strauss, Nature Conservancy LEAF program; Colleen Ryan, Keystone Center Participant and 8th grade math teacher; Vicki Davis, technology teacher for grades 8-12 , editor of Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and co-founder of the Flat Classroom Project;  and Teresa Walsh , Public Affairs Manager for Georgia-Pacific’s Crossett, Arkansas, facility."

Aug 07, 12

An incredible set of indexed Common Core lesson plans by standard for grades Kindergarten - 6 in math. Share and get ideas. Every math teacher using Common Core should peruse this list.

Aug 07, 12

Engage NH has some examples of lessons that they consider exemplars for English Language arts grades 6-12 and math grades 1,2,7, and high school. IF you're looking to see what this looks like in practice, here are some that you'll want to review.

Aug 07, 12

"In this activity, students will examine possible combinations (outcomes) by creating different outfits with shirts and pants. The students will then create a chart to record their data. This concrete to abstract activity will help students understand how to organize data in a useful manner to ease the process of interpretation."

This is a neat grade 3-4 math lesson that teaches students how to analyze data. Could be adapted with other common things. 

Jun 13, 12

COTW: Here are 10 of the best quadratic resources in the world! #mathchat

May 21, 12

An excel workbook to use with students for use on an interactive whiteboard to help you review fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages. from Kev.

May 15, 12

Calling all math teachers - take a few minutes to evaluate your math textbook and get a $10 gift card for Amazon and start your summer reading early.

 (Full disclosure: I really like what this company Classroom Window is doing and how they want to aggregate teacher opinions into something that can make a difference and am in negotiations to have a (very small) stake in this company. As always I follow the blogger's code of ethics and my own and let you know if there is any other influence that you should be aware of. Also, however, note that I never work with anyone that I wouldn't recommend whether I was officially "working" with them or not.)

Apr 25, 12

For those who don't have a lot of technology, this type of lesson (tested in Nepal) that uses colored paper clips to introduce Algebra warms my heart. Algebra is an important subject and using simple manipulatives is a great technique for many classrooms around the world.

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