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Jan 10, 14

This is an example of what you learn on instagram. I follow joncorripo, math teacher and he posted this hilarious set of slides of calculating the mullet ratio. See the slide to see what I'm talking about. LOL.

Dec 08, 13

If you're looking for free resources for Science,English,Math,and Social Studies to add some interest during December, this page from Discover;y has lots of great things separated by grade level including lesson plans and "learning adventures."

Dec 02, 13

How can you improve motivation in Math? Here are some great ideas to share with the math teachers who just say kids "aren't interested" and "don't want to learn." Change something, do something.

Apr 01, 13

If you're on the prowl for great math apps (or any app), crawl over to App crawler - a site that has a lot of apps and ideas for you. There are some very interesting apps here. It is about time, however, for apps to come packaged with textbooks.

Jan 10, 13

No more calculators - as you know it. Write the equation - boom. This is coming... it is here. Things are changing and problems are getting easier (and harder) to solve. Take a look at this app on the droid.

Jan 09, 13

All the ways to teach binary numbers. Some older lesson plans on Alfred Thompson's old blog. I teach binary numbers in my introduction to computer science blog.

Dec 22, 12

Larry Ferlazzo writes what may be one of the most important POSTS I've read all year. I like Larry's balanced approach to education, and this post is one more reason why. Memorizing may give you a temporary bump in test scores but it is a long term recipe for disaster - aren't we seeing that now? If you want to understand more, read Larry's post and if you're really interested, pay for the research study behind it which studied 3500 German students over 5 years about their work in math. Larry says

"A quick summary is that, though extrinsic motivation and “surface learning” (such as memorization) might result in short-term gains in assessments, they actually hurt long-term (five-year) academic growth. The development of student intrinsic motivation, “deep learning strategies” (requiring “elaboration” and connections to other knowledge — I think that might correspond to the idea of “transfer”), and students feeling that they had more of a sense of control (though this last quality had a less consistent effect — it seemed to depend on grade level) of their learning were the main ingredients necessary for increased academic growth..."

Dec 18, 12

Share this one with elementary teachers - a fun math fact game to play for grades 1-5.

"It's time to put up the Christmas lights! But wait! Before you can put up the Christmas lights, you must correctly answer as many math problems as you can in one minute. You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts. The more math problems you solve correctly, the more lights you will be given to decorate your house!"

Aug 07, 12

An incredible set of indexed Common Core lesson plans by standard for grades Kindergarten - 6 in math. Share and get ideas. Every math teacher using Common Core should peruse this list.

Aug 07, 12

Engage NH has some examples of lessons that they consider exemplars for English Language arts grades 6-12 and math grades 1,2,7, and high school. IF you're looking to see what this looks like in practice, here are some that you'll want to review.

Aug 07, 12

"In this activity, students will examine possible combinations (outcomes) by creating different outfits with shirts and pants. The students will then create a chart to record their data. This concrete to abstract activity will help students understand how to organize data in a useful manner to ease the process of interpretation."

This is a neat grade 3-4 math lesson that teaches students how to analyze data. Could be adapted with other common things. 

Aug 07, 12

"A murder has been committed! There are 32 suspects; and one of them is guilty. Using your powers of deduction; can you crack each of the five coded clues to reveal the identity of the killer?"

Cool idea.I may adapt this in my own classroom using technology.

Jul 04, 12

Middle school math activities. You can drill down to these by topic. There are over 3500 math lesson plans and resources organized by topic. Pass this along to middle school math teachers.

Jun 21, 12

Matthewm is a very interesting teacher who has a lot of great math videos he's sharing. When you join sharemylesson, you'll want to follow him if you teach middle or high school math.

Jun 13, 12

COTW: Here are 10 of the best quadratic resources in the world! #mathchat

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