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Apr 15, 14

Front Row is a differentiated math tool that some are using. Here's the article and how to by Erin Klein.

Feb 03, 14

Space Math by NASA with math problems relating to space. This is an excellent cross curricular for math and science as you promote STEM.

Dec 02, 13

How can you improve motivation in Math? Here are some great ideas to share with the math teachers who just say kids "aren't interested" and "don't want to learn." Change something, do something.

Nov 06, 13

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Sciences are open. Anyone – principals, teachers, parents, students or members of the general public – may nominate exceptional mathematics or science teachers who are currently teaching grades K-6 for the 2014 award year.

Sep 09, 13

This September 17, Wolfram Alpha has a Virtual Learning Education Conference. I suggest that math teachers everywhere should take advantage of this free conference. They have 2 tracks - one where you learn how to use their technologies in the classroom and the other is emerging methods of using it in STEM education. All of this is online and free.

Sep 04, 13

Looks like some great resources for Common Core middle school math teachers on the Edutopia website.

Apr 24, 13

Great conversation with Darren Burris about Common Core math in the classroom and how to adjust your curriculum. Another Every Classroom Matters show.

Apr 17, 13

Last week a 20 page document was issued from the Common Core Math standards writers to make "more clearly visible" where materials faithfully reflect both the letter and spirit of the math standards... I read in this... just because it SAYS it is common core math aligned, doesn't mean it is. Read this before buying and tread with caution.

Apr 17, 13

Darren Burris is an Algebra teacher. His resources for common core are the best I've seen including some online courses aligned with standards (free courses.) If you've got to meet Common Core and don't have new textbooks, these Algebra resources are for you.

Apr 17, 13

Not sure where this blog will move, but if you're aligning with common core math, Darren Burris is your man. There are so many great resources on this website.

Apr 13, 13

Hey Math has created a game that integrates math and maps. It is called Math Trail. You might want to try it out. 

Apr 01, 13

If you're on the prowl for great math apps (or any app), crawl over to App crawler - a site that has a lot of apps and ideas for you. There are some very interesting apps here. It is about time, however, for apps to come packaged with textbooks.

Mar 25, 13

Darren Burris, a math teacher at Boston Collegiate Charter School, has a list of 186 items for Common Core Resources on his Diigo list. He's someone you'll want to follow on Diigo.

Mar 25, 13

Fascinating article from a teacher thriving in the standardized testing environment. Fascinating.

"Last year, working with the same cohort of students (by then fifth graders), I tried to find more learning opportunities that focused on data. We used math websites like TenMarks that enable students to learn about their own learning even as they practice new skills. We analyzed information graphics and dove into ways of presenting numerical information. We explored how numbers shape our understanding of ourselves and the world. And much of their enthusiasm and curiosity for these tasks came out of their interest in numbers from standardized testing.

I've thus come to believe there's a role for standardized testing within education. As a limited portion of a multiple measure evaluation system, it helps teachers understand how well we've taught over the course of a year. It also helps students understand how much they mastered over that year and makes them agents in their own learning."

Mar 12, 13

Chris Smith is a dad who was making review worksheets for his child and started posting and sharing them. If you're a math teacher, you might want to download and use some of them.

Feb 24, 13

Here is an example of resources, writing, and flashcards at ck-12. This is a fascinating resource and has free downloadable resources as well.

Feb 24, 13

Free textbooks in a variety of topics on CK-12. This is promoted as "learning made simple." Do students know how to find and download alternate sources of information? Can they find and search for the topics they are currently studying? This is a valuable way to compare and research topics.

Feb 24, 13

Open sourced textbooks that meet the criteria of the American Institute of Mathematics Editorial board. Students can download these in PDF format.

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