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Dec 17, 13

Science Leadership academy is moving to Dell Chromebooks and cloud tools and is trading in their Macs in a move that surprised many.

Jul 04, 13

If you're on a Mac, here are the hotkeys that will save you time.

Feb 06, 13

This very cool Mac app, Popclip, lets you highlight and send text on a page just about anywhere (including evernote.) I wish I had this for sending quotes to buffer, etc.

Dec 15, 12

Day One as been named the Mac App Store 2012 mac of the year. This personal journaling tool helps you write and record your life. Right now I'm using vJournal as it syncs with Evernote but I'm considering a swap to Day 1 just because it is BEAUTIFUL. I just get nervous about putting things in an app if it can't export -- this might be able to - but I'm looking into it. It is worth a mention because the CEO of Twitter is using it every day and tweeted and endorsement recently.

Dec 15, 12

The Agenda app claims it is the #1 calendar application which also integrates with reminders. Looks like a very cool, minimalist app for calendaring that syncs with google calendar, exchange, and icloud.

Dec 15, 12

So many cool calendars and apps for the Mac. Thinking my next computer will be one, although I totally love and recommend my Think Center m90z as a great touch-screen computer for the family. Fantastical is a natural language calendar app for the Mac and you can try it for free.

Apr 21, 12

Another virus has hit the Mac with estimates ranging from 650K macs to 140K macs depending upon who you talk to. Either way, the old excuse of "macs don't get viruses" isn't really true.

"Analysis declaring the demise of the Flashback Mac backdoor has been greatly exaggerated, said researchers with a Russia-based antivirus firm, who on late Friday estimated there are 650,000 unique OS X machines currently infected by the malware.

The estimate by Doctor Web is in stark contrast to analysis provided Wednesday by Symantec, which showed the number of compromised systems had dropped from more than half a million to about 140,000. Following the release of the latest Doctor Web estimate, Symantec updated its post to say company researchers now believe their servers "are receiving limited infection counts" for the malware.

Mar 11, 12

Here is a storify by Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) who had asked the difference between Macbook Pro vs. Mac Air. Storify lets you easily link together information from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media in an easy-to-read story. Just remember to do it pretty soon after tweeting as it can be hard to get back to old Tweets. Twitter doesn't let you go back indefinitely. Great comparison and view of how social media mavens like Steven can share information from their networks.

Mar 08, 12

Wired just did an article on deploying iPads using the Apple Configurator tool. This is a powerful tool for schools to use.

Nov 04, 10

Free antivirus for mac. This is a great recommendation with more people getting macs, new viruses and trojans (Boonana Koobface was a recent one that hit the mac.) time to install antivirus, my Mac Friends - success has a price.

  • Sophos Anti-Virus is free for home users and promises to keep you safe from viruses, trojans, and worms once it’s running. Sophos also wants to insure you that their app isn’t going to annoy you with constant alerts like some of the Windows anti-virus apps out there:
Sep 19, 09

Tutorial of how to screencast with Quicktime X. Been hearing a lot of people on twitter going crazy over Quicktime X.

Jun 26, 09

Tom Daccord recomments using this screencapture program for the mac, it is free. He says by far it is the best for Mac.

Aug 23, 08

Article on picking the best camcorder for a Mac. Thought it was worth sharing.

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