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Aug 30, 12

Shmoop has a free Essay lab to help students write. They do have a college essay "tweaker" to help you with that s well. I'm not sure how that works, but certainly for kids who struggle, it might be a good option.

Jul 02, 12

This cool excel spreadsheet lets you put in vocabulary and quick fits the spreadsheet so you can print them out and share them easily (for those still using paper this is a great download.)

Jun 30, 12

As you work to integrate Common Core standards into your classroom, it may help to look at sample lessons. In this set, you can see lessons, presentations, and assessments working with informational text (grades 3-5). Remember that you can search the site by grade level and common core standard and that other subject areas besides Common Core are included on the site.

May 15, 12

Snow white just premiered in London so there will be a lot of interest. (Charlize Theron and Kristin Stewart are in the adaptation.) If you're wanting to talk about Snow White, here are some lesson plans and information for that purpose.

May 13, 12

A middle school teacher known only as "Seldy" shares his interactive language arts notebook in this blog post. The notebook is truly something special but even more astounding, he acknowledges that many of the pages he found on Pinterest. Pinterest is ideal for teachers and makes it super easy to share. (I have a Pinterest for beginners post for those who want an invite.) if you teach upper elementary into high school language arts, take time to peruse this notebook. Nice work!

Apr 27, 12

This is a fascinating idea. Students should summarize each chapter in a "tweet" or 140  characters. As the lesson plan says "Every word counts and most important events should be included." You could do some fascinating things with this in class. This is a high school literature assignment.

Mar 14, 12

Get ready to read poetry! World Poetry day is March 21. Here are a lot of lesson plans and ideas for that day including some digital e-poetry booklets that you could download as well as mp3's and videos that you can use as well as lesson plans.

Feb 21, 12

Debate the crucible as the Salem Witch Trial anniversary approaches. This is a lesson plan and assessment rubric, and a character sheet for assignment of roles.

Jan 18, 12

How should students analyze a painting? This middle/ high school project gives a writing structure for analyzing painting in this cross disciplinary unit.

Jan 06, 12

Language arts teachers of all ages will love the free lesson plans on this website. They are standards based and organized by grade level.

Dec 28, 11

Teacher Holly Boardman has added her voice to the blogosphere. She's doing great work online promoting the cause of abolition and I've enjoyed reading her tweets. Here is a phenomenal overview of how she has integrated this topic into her literature classroom where she uses writing, literature, and the topic of slavery to make literature of all kinds relevant to her students. How can you make literature relevant and do the world a service? Take a read of Holly's blog.

Dec 28, 11

If you teach essay writing, you'll want to download this powerpoint toolkit. It is a new resource just uploaded to Tes on December 9th. If you teach writing, you'll see a lot of information here.

"A comprehensive guide to essay writing. The toolkit contains over 50 activities to help students improve their essays, as well as a wealth of other information, ideas and links. All aspects of essay writing are covered."

Dec 15, 11

This Powerpoint based jeopardy game includes The Night Before Christmas and other Christmas classics as well as a piece on Christmas films. You can download the powerpoint and customize it to your current lessons and play it near the end of the term. A fun way to finish and summarize. Remember, keep teaching!

Dec 12, 11

Play vocabulary games and as you get them right, you play and can feed hungry people.

Dec 05, 11

MIT Has 441 works of classical literature available online that allow you to create powerful text queries.Also included are "reader's choice" websites related to the texts.

Dec 05, 11

Shelfster is in beta and is a tool for writers to collect resources. It is interesting because of how it moves between desktop, mobile, and web. Research is evolving and students should be empowered with social bookmarking and research aggregation tools like this one.

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