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May 02, 12

Although I know that someone is going to make the comment that an ipad can hold all of the books held in some of these libraries, I adore books. I like being around them and LOVE libraries. I think if I could ever build my dream home, it would have a beautiful floor to ceiling library. This gorgeous set of photographs shows the 15 most spectacular libraries in Europe. One you'll want to pass along to librarians.

Jan 07, 12

Doug Johnson writes about the values of librarians by starting with Michael Gorman's ALA enduring core values that he shared with the association in 2000 but added to by Doug's 10 values of his own. At the heart of what Doug believes beats the pulse of a true democratic society. A great read and discussion post for librarians.

Oct 28, 11

Glenn Kantz, a librarian in a Swiss Boarding school wrote an article on "patron drive acquisitions" that I find boh fascinating and really something that libraries should consider. In the past, it has often been librarian driven. But if the libraries have books that patrons want, will the libraries be more populated? Now that ebooks and overdrive solutions are coming, doesn't it make sense to take a patron driven model? Should people be able to "vote up" the next acquisition? Fascinating thoughts and I look forward to reading more on this.

Feb 27, 09

Neat blog over at etlms - Educational technology & Library Media services - lots of interesting current things over there. I' a subscriber now!

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