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Jan 12, 13

This article is perfect for librarians wanting to utilize free books and help students "check them out" (if you can even use that term.) Here are three methods, the only thing I would add is that you can create a library with Evernote instead of springpad as well.

Pass this one on.

"three methods for creating and sharing a digital classroom library with your students. In all three cases, I’m going to assume that you have a source of free eBooks (Amazon’s Free Popular Classics, Google’s Play Store Top Free Books, or Project Gutenberg) and an app to read those books (Amazon’s Kindle app, Google’s Play Books app, Aldiko for Android, or iBooks for iOS)."

Oct 06, 12

I always find searching interesting. This Edudemic post includes 50 different search engines. Some of these are being used, at least by my students, but every media specialist should peruse this list.

Sep 29, 12

Loving how these librarians are transforming their library. Here are some great ideas and examples to share with librarians.

May 02, 12

Although I know that someone is going to make the comment that an ipad can hold all of the books held in some of these libraries, I adore books. I like being around them and LOVE libraries. I think if I could ever build my dream home, it would have a beautiful floor to ceiling library. This gorgeous set of photographs shows the 15 most spectacular libraries in Europe. One you'll want to pass along to librarians.

Feb 03, 12

This search engine is intended to be for students and has widgets and add ins for web browsers. The websites that are returned in this engine have been evaluated by "research experts." In this case, you have a curated sort of search. 

Jan 30, 12

David Loertscher is an inspiring, brilliant researcher who has written some great books on the learning commons and the evolution of the library. He is an expert. You'll want to join this free interview at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. Librarians and administrators should attend this session. I've learned so much from David.

Jan 07, 12

Doug Johnson writes about the values of librarians by starting with Michael Gorman's ALA enduring core values that he shared with the association in 2000 but added to by Doug's 10 values of his own. At the heart of what Doug believes beats the pulse of a true democratic society. A great read and discussion post for librarians.

Jan 03, 12

Ss the Free Range Librarian heads to New Zealand, I am completely fascinated with the theme of this conference. ".Ipukarea (from the Māori language – Te Reo Māori) refers to the ancestral homeland, a significant water or land feature which relates to identity and source of livelihood. It is a place that represents New Zealand history and emotional attachment, a place to go to be rejuvenated, a place that represents the hopes and aspirations of the people and the life-giving waters from which they drink."

Dec 31, 11

Since August 2006 this Media Center has been blogging, sharing links and information. Such useful information here. Sometimes we show by example more than we can say by giving assignments. You can tell students blogging is important but if you don't do it. You can also see how assignment are given on this blog. For teachers and media centers to review who are considering blogging.

Dec 15, 11

Winner best librarian's blog

Oct 28, 11

Glenn Kantz, a librarian in a Swiss Boarding school wrote an article on "patron drive acquisitions" that I find boh fascinating and really something that libraries should consider. In the past, it has often been librarian driven. But if the libraries have books that patrons want, will the libraries be more populated? Now that ebooks and overdrive solutions are coming, doesn't it make sense to take a patron driven model? Should people be able to "vote up" the next acquisition? Fascinating thoughts and I look forward to reading more on this.

Jun 15, 11

Lovely slideshow by Valerie Diigs on her school's transformation from library to learning commons. She's been featured in several books and in school library journal.

I think every librarian should be familiar with the learning commons concept to see if there are elements that will work to make your environment more relevant to learners. It isn't whether you like the concept yourself - for libraries to stay funded they must stay relevant. I think learning commons is just one way to do that. Valerie knows far more than me on this topic, so look at what she's done.

Oct 22, 09

Barnes and Noble's response to the Kindle: The Nook.

It uses the Android operating system (Google's mobile OS) and can install 3rd party Android Apps. It also has an MP3 player but does not have built in text to speech (so no UDL here) -

If you use the free wifi at Barnes and Noble you can read any ebook for free - otherwise it is something that you need to buy.

Oct 22, 09

Must read article that is tearing through the blogs of librarians and media specialists like wildfire this October. If you work with libaries and media centers this is a must read and must pass along if only to spark conversation (and oh, it has.)

Aug 11, 09

Librariies and non profits having book sales can use this site to list their sale for free. It is in beta testing now, but looks like it might have some cool features if you manage book sales. If you try this and review it, let me know, I'd love to know what you think.

Dec 05, 08

Great live blog that if you'll click "replay" librarians will find some great book recommendations for teen readers-- thus the valuable of a cover it live group notetaking experience. See the value?

Nov 21, 08

40 literacy blogs aggregated on one pageflake. This is a great example of the building of customized PLN's to help others understand the purpose of a PLN. If you're a librarian or working with literacy -- why not set this to be your start page - even for just a few days to see what happens. Or, even better - use your favorite rss reader and construct your own Personal learning network using many of these blogs.

Nov 01, 08

Organizations are starting to get things together to create widgets to help academicians, authors, and others to build a very powerful PLN (personal learning network) with their igoogle or netvibes. They seem to prefer Netvibes for a couple of reasons - and I maintain an account on both, although I startup on igoogle.

There are Bespoke repository service widgets and repository information widgets. They even have a page to see what these widgets do (also in this post.)

Every modern student (and professor and teacher) should understand how to build a PLN.

  • This website is designed to show you how to use widgets / gadgets / plugins in your work to get access to information quickly and effectively.
Oct 15, 08

Learning Standards 4 Learning from the AASL - I like these four standards. Wonder about connection though - guess that fits in #3.

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