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Jul 06, 12

The Institute of Physics has aligned almost 400 of their resources with common core standards for science teachers. They have some fascinating experiments and ideas. If you're a science teacher in the US, you'll want to follow them on the share my lesson site to get their middle and high school resources (none for elementary school yet although you could adapt some for more advanced students.)

Jun 19, 12

Why do we have summer? Some lesson plans including myths about summer. These would be fascinating stories to tel students as you celebrate the summer solstice.

Jun 13, 12

If you're going to talk about the Tour de France, you'll also want to discuss cycling or bicycling (depending upon whether it is competitive or for pleasure.) Use this opportunity to bring in a bike.

If you're leading a summer camp or daycamps, the tour de France and bikes are a great thing to discuss and integrate into your summer plans.

Jun 13, 12

The Tour de France is July 22. While many northern hemisphere schools are out, there are still many who are going to school. Events of common interest, like the tour de france, give great learning experiences for students. If you teach French, this is a must discuss topic.

May 22, 12

A Plenary producer, here is a set of 130 ideas for classes and lessons. You'll find something you can use these last few weeks of school in the northern hemisphere.

May 16, 12

They are here! My students have turned in their Freshman projects - they take 20% of their time working on a special interest project. Some great work here. One of my favorites is Morgan's apps for autism project but there are many great ones here.

May 16, 12

Acid rain storyboard for use in Chemistry with middle or high school students.

May 14, 12

Here is a set of lesson plans for all grade levels on the European Union. It is created by the EU specifically for those outside the EU to "bring an updated view of the 21st century EU" and should be reviewed as you update your lessons and standards. It has kindergarten all the way up and has standards that are aligned already.

May 09, 12

This is a fun activity where you can build your own kaleidoscope. Zefrank has a lot of creative cool things like this.

Apr 06, 12

A website with free lessons in a variety of topics. The study skills set is one of the most popular with teachers. 

Feb 21, 12

This lesson plan encourages students to mash up and annotate a New York Times article. They recommended that you use Wikispaces, but a diigo shared group would be the easiest.

Jan 30, 12

Charles Dickens birthday is February 7th. Here are resources and lesson plans to help you.

Jan 16, 12

A list of popular lesson plans and resources on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with downloads, presentations, and lesson plans.

Jan 10, 12

A great post about the common mistakes of bloggers. I will use these with my students.

Apr 28, 11

Toni Olivieri-Barton talked about this cool website in our Flat Classroom certified teacher last night.

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