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Dec 16, 12

For those of you who are searching for some places where students can respond and some lesson plans, the New York Times' Learning Network has an open place for students to respond and share their thoughts along with some lesson plans for teachers.

Dec 13, 12

This is one to pull back out - if you're looking for some ideas that you can use, here's a post from last year that will help you with some ideas.

Sep 22, 12

These are complete mini-topics that are a week's worth of activities and lesson plans on each topic for ages 4-11. This pulls together lesson plans, interactive whiteboard resources, and printables and will be helpful for teachers in a tight or who need to quickly emphasize a topic where they know students have problems.

Sep 19, 12

Lesson plans for the International Day of Peace on September 21st.

Sep 16, 12

For those of you who use the holidays throughout the year, Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday and is called the "high holy days." Sept 25-26 this year. Here are a few lesson plans on this topic.

Sep 06, 12

For Grandparent's Day, this organization is asking people to committe to do something grand. Here are some ideas.

Aug 30, 12

Excellent post from Shelly Terrell about lesson planning and where to find free lesson plans. She's a fantastic sharer and collaborator online.

Jul 25, 12

Take this lesson plan from the New York Times about astronaut Sally Ride and use it. She was such an inspiration to many women - teaching us to not limit our minds to earth but to go past what we think we can do. I hope that teachers will discuss this amazing person with students, particularly as we struggle to have enough people going into STEM fields to sustain the growth of information technology and other science and technology fields. To meet the shortfall, we need to augment the numbers of people going into STEM fields with more women and minorities. Discussing Sally Ride's work as an astronaut gives us a role model.

Jul 11, 12

Bastille Day is July 14th. If you want to teach some French words, about the French Revolution or French culture, you could celebrate this holiday. You could create a fun "storm the bastille" event (of course they didn't have water guns, but it is summer in the US.) Here are some other lesson plans you can use for this holiday.

Jun 20, 12

I'm so excited that the way I like to find monthly resources is right here for US teachers. These are the lessons and information for June - feel free to upload and share your own. Start off with Carribean-American Heritage month - that would be fun for a daycamp.

Jun 13, 12

Students should understand about refugees - who they are and the situations unique to refugee situations. It is heartbreaking to see the many refugees in our world now. As you talk about global competency topics, don't forget those who have a country but are disenfranchised.

Jun 08, 12

Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs - This is a lesson plan for an art project creating Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs which could accompany activities studying the Ukraine.

May 25, 12

There are some fantastic MFL (modern foreign language) resources that you can use - here's a celebrity gameshow to play in French class.

May 25, 12

Another nice music powerpoint slide - this one on African drumming and music which includes some rhythm games. This particular teacher on TES has some very nice music resources and is worth following. What I do when I find someone that I like is to click the "follow" button and then you get notified when they upload new lessons.

May 24, 12

As you prepare for new teachers next year, here is a collection of resources that you can use with new teachers - induction materials, behavior management, and other advice.

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