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Jul 19, 12

This is an example of videos that are uploaded on share my lesson that you can download and use in your classroom. If you don't have access to youtube or streaming, you can go look for videos here like this one.

"In this chapter Ji Li finally starts Jr. High School. The school is about 10 times as big as her former middle school. There she finds out that none of her old class mates are in her new class. She begins to succeed in school again and sheis able to rise to the top of her class; no one knows what her class status. We created this audio/video for our students with special needs (below grade level learners) when they had to read the autobiography Red Scarf Girl. The book details the author's experiences as a teenager during the Cultural Revolution in China."

May 30, 12

An angry bird interactive white board activity. You'll need a soft object to "lob" at the board for this (why not use a soft angry bird character?) you can adapt this for different classroom uses - one of the things you'll want to download.

May 07, 12

This Dinosaur Database (Hat tip Richard Byrne) has dinosaurs talk about themselves. There are 20 you can click on and hear and determine if you've guessed the right dino.

May 04, 12

It is great to talk to students about interesting jobs. An Attitude and Orbit control systems engineer is an interesting one, particularly if you're studying flight or space.

"A case study from STEMNET outlining the work of a Attitude & Orbit Control Systems Engineer. It provides a job description and gives an insight into skills and qualifications needed

May 02, 12

The idea of a "thinking walk" is a neat one. In this one, students walk and reflectoin how we used plants. They record their thinking walk through photographs or recording audio. Thinking walks would be fascinating things to do at the end of the school year.

Apr 24, 12

Another body image lesson plan that talks about body weight and health. this one from Youth Health Talk.

Apr 21, 12

This lesson plan is for high school and is used in biology, chemistry, and physics to teach students how to use the scientific method for their inquiry.

Apr 20, 12

A friend of mine passed this lesson plan on to me with this note to Literature teachers:

"Sick of Jacobean literature meaning Shakespeare? Check out this resource on Christopher Marlowe's Faust. "

I think that this is a very good point and is the type of lesson that AP literature would use in the US. There is a reading guide, powerpoint, and it also incorporates John Milton's Paradise Lost as a comparative text.

Apr 18, 12

Arbor Day foundation. You need to order your trees for April 27. It is time! Here's the official website to get ready.

Apr 17, 12

Cool lesson that use cryptography, environment, and the loch ness monster - for middle school and high school and developed as a geography lesson. Fun!

Apr 16, 12

A moon landing simulation that requires students to understand mass, thrust, fuel consumption, and lunar gravity. This has been used with all ages of students.

Apr 16, 12

Brainpop is a partner with TES out of the UK (that I write about all the time) here are some resources from them linked from the website. IF you love brainpop, you'll want to go here to access and share the free resources. The two most popular right now are a movie/ quiz/ and activity about smoking and another one on probability. They also have some bullying resources that you may want to integrate.

Apr 12, 12

Indexed list of highly rated lesson plans at all age levels by the curators at TES for studying about teh events of the Titanic along with articles and videos.
The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is April 15. If you are planning to teach around it, you might want...

Apr 13, 12

Video about the Titanic cruise "memorial" that set sail this past week. This video and related resources can be used if you want to talk or plan a special discussion at some point.

Apr 13, 12

Wow, how did I miss this one? Leonardo Da Vinci's birthday is april 15. here are some lesson plans and a cool video where "da vinci addresses students" that you can use in your classroom along with Renaissance materials to share.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci’s birthday (April 15) is a great time to remember the scientific discoveries and artistic creations that shaped the genius’ life and influenced our world today. He is considered the archetype of the ‘Renaissance Man’ and these hand-picked resources will help you introduce some aspects of his work, and life to students.

Apr 12, 12

This is a lesson plan for younger students (grades 1-4) for discussing World War 2. There are lesson plans here. One is "how has life in britain changed since 1948" which could be used for any age in the US because often our documents focus on a US centric view. The other is "what was it like for children in world War 2" which is a fascinating way to approach this with any children. 

Apr 12, 12

With the titanic lesson plans and activities many of you are doing (I've shared these recently) here is a lesson plan to introduce grades 4 and 5 to World War 2 including a Powerpoint that you can use.

Apr 09, 12

Lesson plan starters for elementary classrooms. A lot of ideas and games you can download and use for creative ways to start class.

Apr 09, 12

This is interesting. A debate on the pros and cons of blogs in French. This would be perfect for the French teacher trying to integrate social media. Nice cross curriculuar project. You'll want to follow this teacher "rossod" who is a French teacher with some interesting lesson plans.

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