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about 17 hours ago

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

— Vicki Davis (@cool…
The easy tool educators are using every day

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreads…
BLOGGED: 100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators #education

BLOGGED: 100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators #education

— Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)…

Jul 03, 13

There are many who don't understand this one point. I used to have someone who required me to have beautiful lesson plans. They were detailed. I spent more than an hour a day on them. So much time so that sometimes I felt unprepared when the kids actually walked in the door. When those detailed plans were removed and I was allowed to focus on the content created for the students to use and then keep a grid (I keep links, etc. to what I'm doing) - THAT Was when real innovation happened in my classroom. Things like wikis, blogs, etc. happened after those super-restrictive requirements were taken off my shoulders. I had the wrong audience when I had those detailed lesson plans - my audience was the principal at the time. Now, I still have plans but I keep it in a grid in a book and then keep copies of what I use with students in dropbox and other places. I do far more now than then because my focus is the students.

Lesson plans aren't bad. However, if you spend your time making the LESSON PLAN itself pretty and perfect then likely you're not spending your actual time PLANNING, printing, collecting, and creating what you'll be doing with your students. Also, when you do things like #geniushour and 20% time projects, you no longer have a lesson plan but a project plan which is an entirely different thing altogether. Don't fault teachers for this. 

Teaching is the hardest job everybody thinks they can do and few really can.

Feb 24, 13

This teacher's lesson plan fully discloses the tools that are being used, the standards, and required permissions. This is a very detailed example, but one that you may have to use for large projects to get approval in your district.

May 19, 12

During post planning this year, discuss how you can incorporate personalized learning in your school next year. Here are some ideas for what teachers are doing now -- some are large projects and others are just planning tools.

May 16, 12

If you're a math teacher, here is an organized assortment of lesson plans for math teachers by grade level.

May 16, 12

Acid rain storyboard for use in Chemistry with middle or high school students.

May 06, 12

Nocturnal animals are another interesting study topic with many cross curricular ideas.

Apr 23, 12

If you're planning May and want to see the holidays and events along with lesson plans, you'll want to check out this list. Lots of events including a net one we should bring to the US called "Friendship Funday".

Apr 21, 12

IN this lesson plan from the New York Times, learn how to prepare a mock trial for your classroom. You can prepare one around just about any topic. This would be an excellent way to end the school year to add enthusiasm. 

Apr 02, 12

The Titanic sank 100 years a go this April. While I wouldn't call this a celebration per se (perhaps a commemoration) it is of interest to students. Here are some lessons about the titanic including a resource pack.

Mar 16, 12

Here is a page of all Kinect Applications compiled by UK Kinect Guru Ray Chambers. Here are the lesson plans, links, and downloads for all that he's doing. If you want to use Kinect in the classroom. Take  a look at him. (Shout out to the  TES resource sharing site for helping me find his content.)

Feb 21, 12

This lesson plan encourages students to mash up and annotate a New York Times article. They recommended that you use Wikispaces, but a diigo shared group would be the easiest.

Feb 21, 12

Although President's day is past, this Pinterest Inspired President's and DIY Lesson pLan book is a very cool idea.  I love post it notes and would suggest that you use super sticky post it tabs. I really like this idea because you can move the lessons around as needed. In fact, I'm considering moving to this approach. I really like it. If you make your own lesson plan books, this is worth reviewing.

Feb 06, 12

great ideas to help students design their own cards for those they care about.

Feb 06, 12

It is a great tie in with Valentine's day to share about heart disease and heart health. Here is a poster you can use in the classroom to talk about diet and coronary heart disease.

Jan 25, 12

Circus physics videos from PBS. (Hat tip to Richard Byrne for this great set of videos.) There are 8 short videos that use circus performers to teach physics concepts.

Jan 24, 12

Four great sites to find vintage photographs. For presentations, activities, and authentic learning. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jan 05, 12

The US Federal Government has a website that catalogs all the educational material from the US Federal Government. These free resources are in every subject and grade level. Share with curriculum directors, especially fornthosenofnyou creating your own textbooks.

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