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Mar 30, 12

Very proud of my dear friend Cheryl Oakes from Maine who is on the Official Google blog with her work with those with disabilities. Cheryl is an amazing woman who loves children. My youngest son has met her only once (in San Antonio at ISTE) and still calls her Aunt Cheryl. She has that effect on people. Great post.

"One teacher who has taken advantage of the web as an educational tool is Cheryl Oakes, a resource room teacher in Wells, Maine. She’s also been able to tailor the vast resources available on the web to each student’s ability. This approach has proven invaluable for Cheryl’s students, in particular 16-year-old Morgan, whose learning disability makes it daunting to sort through search results to find those webpages that she can comfortably read. Cheryl taught Morgan how to use the Search by Reading Level feature on Google Search, which enables Morgan to focus only on those results that are most understandable to her. To address the difficulty Morgan faces with typing, Cheryl introduced her to Voice Search, so Morgan can speak her queries into the computer. Morgan is succeeding in high school, and just registered to take her first college course this summer."

Nov 06, 11

This site used to be RBF&D. While not free, those with learning disabilities in the US qualify for a membership for this site. For less than $100 a year you can check out audio copies of textbooks and just about everything. I've found that those I work with at school who used to ignore the clunky tape recorders and CD players LOVE the learning ally app and now I'm having kids who don't qualify want it as well. Parents want this app for their kids. I think textbook companies need to look at audio versions for all of their students and learning ally has the system down pat.

Apr 19, 11

Free iAdvocate app to help parents who have children with learning disabilities advocate for them. It is a start and worth testing. Plus it is free!

Apr 19, 11

New Mobile phone app from Alan Foley of Syracuse University - called iAdvocate designed to help parents advocate for their child with learning disabilities.

The app has 3 sections: strategies for parents, information and links, and simulated conversations to help guide parents. I hope that my friends who work in this area will test and post their reviews. If you do, let me know and I'll feature you in the daily spotlight! ;-)

Apr 13, 11

Would love my accessibility experts to test this "dyxlexia screener" online. Does it work? Is it accurate?

Sep 16, 09

Overview from the educators at CAST aligning the digiteen project with UDL guidelines. Digiteen is a project that uniquely allows for digital citizenship education in a project based learning format that also differentiates in powerful ways. Thank you so much for the people at CAST who provide so many great tools and also provide excellent resources for UDL.

Oct 17, 08

Loonyhiker has a MUST read post about a child who was in gifted programs and had a brain trauma and then, was treated by his teachers as being lazy because they couldn't see on the outside that any thing was different. It breaks my heart but is a story to share with people to understand the brain.

Don't automatically assume a child is lazy, understand that the brain is something you cannot see and learning disabilities, ADHD, and brain issues are tough to understand.

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