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Sep 29, 12

Loving how these librarians are transforming their library. Here are some great ideas and examples to share with librarians.

Oct 21, 11

Opened in 2006, the Saltire Center in Glasgow has "rewritten the design book for libraries." It is fascinating and includes a ground floor coffee bar, sofas, etc. They have double the usage from the previous library. Visits were decreasing, now they are up. Great case studies for libraries working to reinvent learning. Hat tip to Ewan McIntosh - he's contributed a piece to our new Flat Classroom book.

Jun 15, 11

Lovely slideshow by Valerie Diigs on her school's transformation from library to learning commons. She's been featured in several books and in school library journal.

I think every librarian should be familiar with the learning commons concept to see if there are elements that will work to make your environment more relevant to learners. It isn't whether you like the concept yourself - for libraries to stay funded they must stay relevant. I think learning commons is just one way to do that. Valerie knows far more than me on this topic, so look at what she's done.

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