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04 Feb 14

An awesome PInterest Board by edutopia with resources you can use for Digital Learning Day. This is an excellent example of how you can use Pinterest Boards to share research and best practices.

03 Feb 14

Digital Learning Day is February 5. Here are resources and how you can celebrate this in your school this week. There will be many live seminars and webinars online as well as live broadcasts. Join in!

08 Jan 14

A report by the US Department of Education Technology from February 2013 (anyone know why this is still a draft?) that shares how we should measure and promote non cognitive factors like grit, tenacity and perseverance. This is one paper to share and discuss.

02 Dec 13

If you want to learn some very cool things here is a synopsis of watching more than 70 hours of TED talks with links. I love these types of summary posts (any wonder?)

30 Nov 13

This infographic with links and information about the many learning theories is one that college profs would love to use. This also demonstrates the power of useful infographics. I'm clipping this to Evernote to keep it handy. Very useful tool.

23 Oct 13

Create micro-courses or find them and learn from them. This is the web app for Coursmos but there are also apps for your phone, etc. This might be an interesting thing to do with students to have them create demos, etc. about how to do tasks. Very interesting.

22 Oct 13

So many great presentations and ideas from the K12 online conference this year. Check out the schedule and join in!

22 Oct 08

K12 online conference has started this week -- enjoy it!
K12 Online is a fantastic resource for all educators. There are many great speakers lined up for this year's conference. While I missed out on submitting this year (not having AC for most of August got me out of kilter) there are so many incredible educators there that it will be an AWESOME source of learning. Plan ahead and MARK YOUR CALENDARS to participate.

31 May 13

An excellent show with Angela Maiers @angelamaiers and all of the business innovators behind the choose 2 matter movement. This show on Huff post live is a great way to find out about the Quest 2 Matter movement.

The quest is open until mid June - what a great way to end the school year.

18 May 13

Another one of my students has been writing and sharing on the Kindle Kids Corner. Here's an interview she did about trends in Young Adult fiction and I agree with so much of what she's written. This is another example of how authentic projects can transform a student. This happened to come out of one of my favorite kindle book sites - Kindle Nation Daily and an email conversation I had with the author Steven Windwalker (penname.) 

in list: Student Projects

18 May 13

An important read as we work to reinvent schools and make sure we measure authentic learning with more authentic measures than bubble trouble. ;-)

30 Apr 13

My sister, Sarah Adams has just won her second distance learning award this year. She is an online professor for Savannah College of Art and Design and continues to wow everyone with her incredibly high ratings, ability to engage her students, and teach tough graphic design without being in a formal classroom. YES, I'm incredibly proud of her but even more proud that she's so helpful, cooperative, and encouraging when anyone (like me) or other professors reach out and want to understand how she does it. Yes, she's my sister and yes, I'm incredibly proud. I"m so proud of you sis.

She differentiates learning in amazing ways. I promise I'll get her on Every Classroom matters and ask her how she does it. If you have any questions, post them here and I'll be sure to ask.

20 Apr 13

The discussions about "big data" are receiving pushback who believe the conclusions are erroneous. Note that this is tied up in learning analytics as well.

"Cuzzillo is joined by a growing chorus of critics that challenge some of the breathless pronouncements of big data enthusiasts. Specifically, it looks like the backlash theme-of-the-month is correlation vs. causation, possibly in reaction to the success of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier’s recent big data book in which they argued for dispensing “with a reliance on causation in favor of correlation”"

18 Apr 13

A network about ending human trafficking. It is a project and students are joining in. If this is your passion (like mine) then you may want to look into this. Thanks to my friend Toni Olivieri-Barton for letting me know.

16 Apr 13

This is an incredible announcement - Wikispcaces classroom with so many tools you can use. You can create projects but also measure engagement of your students from a dashboard! This is exciting. 

12 Apr 13

Must read article on blended learning (in particular if you're an elementary teacher or principal, you'll want to read about the "Rocketship model" of lab station rotation instead of learning centers. This was written by Michael Horn for Forbes Magazine on March 28, 2013.

31 Mar 13

Companies fight for their future but we may be accepting a dependence we will regret according to this insightful article covering adaptive learning and open education resources s two opposite choices in the future of education.

02 Mar 13

While I don't know anything about this "Kwik" method of learning, I do totally agree with one thing he says. IF we're going to require kids to remember, "there's no class called 'remembering.'" We teach kids what to learn but not how to learn. As I listen to this video and read Timothy Ferris' book "the 4 hour chef" I realize that we've not honed in on the art of learning as much as we need to. I'm not sure that memorizing numbers is hugely important but if we can apply this to learning other things, that would be great -- learning the 100 most used words in a new language, for example, how could we benefit if kids could quickly learn that in the first week to get started.

31 Jan 13

If you are a researcher or college professor and you're not reading Justin Reich, Edtechresearcher, you should be. I like Justin because he helps me see clearly the different "sides" in debates and connects it to research. This is totally not my area but he explains the conversation in a way that anyone can understand. In this week's article, he shares the differences and debates between Connected Learning and Blended learning, and no, they are not the same thing. So, educate yourself before using these terms.

"By contrast, advocates of Connected Learning hold more radical beliefs about the inadequacy of fundamental structures of schooling and learning. Connected Learning advocates argue that universal curriculum is a dated concept for an era of infinite subspecialties and a deeper understanding of learner variation. They argue that understanding learning through the activities of schools is far too limited a canvas for the age of lifelong and lifewide learning. They argue that technologies are not best suited to optimizing student pathways through a prescribed curriculum, but for connecting learners with mentors, peers, and resources for learning experiences that tap into students interests and passions and span from school to home to library to cultural institutions to informal learning spaces."

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