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Jul 15, 12

"Professional development is the essential vitamin for boosting learning with laptops, according to researchers studying Maine's one-to-one program. David Silvernail, director of the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation, said a two-year randomized control trial of middle school math teachers was "successful on all fronts."

Researchers examined the impact of high quality, ongoing professional development that included face-to-face and online workshops, peer coaching and mentoring, and site visits."

Dec 31, 11

David Truss challenges the thinking of computers on wheels and advocates instead having projectors on wheels. He is someone actually doing this so his words ring true to me.

May 21, 11

Love this discussion on the Digiteen project about 1:1 laptop programs.

Jan 03, 11

Some may not have read this study , but it is an important one presented at ISTE this past year about successful technology implementation and has been called the largest scale study of technology integration of its kind.

Nov 03, 10

Research on 1:1 laptop implementation from Project Red.

Nov 03, 10

Great research study tweeted to me from Jon Becker researching ubiquitous computing and the impact over 4 academic years.

Mar 24, 09

Great, concise summary of the issues going on with laptops. I do think that itouches have great value in the classroom including faster boot time and for those of us without a lot of money and resources, this is an option we're looking at.

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