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Oct 21, 13

This looks like a very cool English game that uses all kinds of shows to teach. Thinking that ESL teachers will want to test this one out.

Mau Butler send me this message about this new site:

Hello Vicki, I've been an ESL teacher for 20 years, in several countries, and a reader of your coolcatteacher blog for a while. Congratulations. You do excellent work. :) For the past 3 years, I've been building a very innovative approach to teaching and learning English, which is now ready to use. Considering your work, I thought you'd be interested in trying it out. It's called Tripppin and I strongly recommend you see it for yourself on but this is us in a nutshell: "Tripppin is an English practice platform, which blends offline and online learning experiences into a game, a music channel, cooking shows, animation, entertaining videos shot around the world, and excellent support for English teachers everywhere." Hope you can have a look :) Thank you.

Mar 05, 13

A great website to help you find native speakers and connect with others who speak the language. You can join live classes and also connect with others. 

Jun 16, 12

This links to Spanish lesson plans by age level for those teaching Spanish to English speakers.

May 21, 12

This MFL teacher has been recognized as a "best practitioner" and has some great lessons for those teaching German.

Apr 09, 12

This is interesting. A debate on the pros and cons of blogs in French. This would be perfect for the French teacher trying to integrate social media. Nice cross curriculuar project. You'll want to follow this teacher "rossod" who is a French teacher with some interesting lesson plans.

Apr 06, 12

A panel of language teachers ranging from French, German, Spanish, Welsh, and more. You can click on their names on this list and download their lesson plans.

Feb 03, 12

This website is in English, spanish, and portugese and works to help you improve English "while reading" You can get this app on your smartphone. This is definitely something for ESOL teachers to review.

Jul 15, 11

Teacher yourself chinese and play mahJong at the same time. This is an app.

Jun 13, 11

This is a bilingual blog in both English and Spanish from Marta Lavista in Buenos Aires. She is doing some interesting global collaborative work as well. Although it isn't being updated a lot, I like the format. She's @mlavista on Twitter.

Mar 02, 11

Some iphone apps for language learning. I think it is important to know how to download and use a translator even if you cannot speak the language - such as the mandarin pro app I used in China last week.

Nov 20, 10

Virtual worlds and language learning are gaining steam with Middlebury Interacting languages releasing their Middworld online product. Here is what they told me:

"immersive virtual academy for language learning as MiddWorld Online launches today. Aimed at K-12, students will be fully immersed in the language including “Passport City,” made up of fun extracurricular activities offering students additional opportunities to practice their target language.

The highlight of “Passport City” is an innovative online 3D roleplay game, developed as a virtual world using authentic environments and cultural activities—bringing to life the experience of being in a foreign country. "

Jul 21, 10

Truly, we should focus on the things "spell check won't catch" as these are the things that we'll have to truly be required to REMEMBER.

May 07, 10

Foreign language learning social network. There is also tutoring available on this site. From the creators in my inbox today:

"We've revamped our site to make social networking easier, where you basically get feeds of what your friends on the site are doing. Plus, we've added a new feature, the Notebook, where members can submit their writing and get it corrected by other members of italki. It's a great way to practice and perfect writing skills. We think this is a very valuable tool for mastering another language, in addition to the oral practice you can get on our site with language exchange partners, and the chance to hire a personal 1-to-1 language instructor in our Marketplace."

Feb 15, 10

MAjor innovations in Language Learning are happening in the form of some of the first and best edu-gaming sites. This site is paid for by parents and uses voice feedback to let students "level up."

Jan 28, 10

Here is a lovely cross- curricular project that the spanish teacher and I did together. She came to me and said, "I want to use this but will you help me on the technology side, I don't have to understand the technology to use the technology." My answer is YES! We took 2 days, did it in class, and there is a rich project that also gives her a legacy to hand down to other classes and for others to use and share.

In this, students are taking tours of countries. They will play this and critique it in class using the teacher's hook up between her computer and large screen tv.

Mar 24, 08

Dr. Shephard from Walden University uses this for her phd class to record reflections -- she says it is easier than grading papers. Great for a field trip.

Aug 23, 08

Project that is connecting students and teachers of Spanish from around the World. There is still time!

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