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Nov 05, 15

Writing Teacher Shannon Carey is teaching writing this year with an edge. Using the idea of "writing as resistance" she's helping kids find their voice on hard, tough topics and daring them to write great things. Read this blog post for ideas and to see some cool things you can do to challenge great writing.

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Oct 23, 13

Tackk is a quick, simple way to create a page (without really having a website.) This page links to all of the tackk's relating to education. This is a cool, unique idea and I haven't seen anything quite like it. Sort of pinterest/ glogster mixed together. Cool. Writing teachers or anyone who has students do quick projects might be interested in this.

Oct 05, 13

This is an awesome sliderocket about how to use Google Docs to facilitate a Writing Workshop created by Susan Oxnevad. Look for links to examples within the presentation so you can use everything she shares. This slide show shares not only best practices in running a writing workshop but also is a best practice itself in creating a stand alone presentation that instructions in a powerful way. Writing teachers everywhere should take 10 minutes to work through this slide show this week.

Feb 24, 13

Free textbooks in a variety of topics on CK-12. This is promoted as "learning made simple." Do students know how to find and download alternate sources of information? Can they find and search for the topics they are currently studying? This is a valuable way to compare and research topics.

Jun 16, 12

This links to Spanish lesson plans by age level for those teaching Spanish to English speakers.

Jun 16, 12

As you teach languages, this sort of comparison is an excellent tool. It compares German and English spellings.

Apr 19, 12

 A lovely set of videos and lesson plans for elementary spanish featuring the Speekee puppet. I've checked several of the videos and these are available in the US and are linked to content on Youtube as well as downloadable worksheets and cards.

Apr 19, 12

Interesting. Here is a set of lessons in Swahili for middle school students including hyperlinks for those teachers who need some global competency ideas.

Jan 03, 12

If you work with younger children under the age of 5, you will want to look deeper into this research that shows that words mean less to children than adults when trying to categorize things. ""In the past, we thought that if we name the things for children, the labels will do the rest: children would infer that the two things that have the same name are alike in some way or that they go together," he said. "We can't assume that anymore. We really need to do more than just label things."

Dec 05, 11

Shelfster is in beta and is a tool for writers to collect resources. It is interesting because of how it moves between desktop, mobile, and web. Research is evolving and students should be empowered with social bookmarking and research aggregation tools like this one.

Jul 15, 11

Teacher yourself chinese and play mahJong at the same time. This is an app.

Jul 14, 11

Students are already peer reviewing each other's work using kibin.

Feb 15, 10

MAjor innovations in Language Learning are happening in the form of some of the first and best edu-gaming sites. This site is paid for by parents and uses voice feedback to let students "level up."

Feb 04, 10

This summary of the workshop from New York said to me "YES" - the message got across. This is something everyone can do. NOw, that is worth redoing.

Model Schools Blog says:

Did you know that the FlatClassroom wiki mega-project was born out of one simple blog post and a response? It was not conceived of in a planning document or a committee meeting; it was not agonized over as part of a curriculum map or a rigorous lesson plan. It was not the outgrowth of a massive initiative or a professional development conference. It was simply one person reaching out to another with a simple and good idea to have classrooms collaborate using "The World is Flat" as a framework. It grew, because it could not help but to grow, not because it was mandated to grow. Here are a few other quick "aha" moments and learning nuggets that I had to write down this morning..."

Oct 26, 09

Massive multiplayer role playing game for learning Mandarin Chinese. Immersion is supposed to be the best way to learn and here it is!

Oct 13, 09

Another visual thesaurus that many people like. (I also use visuwords as it is free.) This is great for helping students define and understand vocabulary in context.

Aug 04, 09

This essay contest would be an excellent cross curricular project between your technology and writing departments and is for inventors digest and several other sponsors and has as a prize a laptop computer and potential to appear on an Emmy Award winning US TV show -- so join in -- applications due August 31, 2009.

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