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Aug 15, 12

There are some fascinating things you can do with Kinect in the classroom. You can download these files and hook up a Kinect to your computer to allow motion capture (against a greenscreen), painting with gestures, and all kinds of things. There are people using kinect in powerful ways with special needs children as well. Here's the official webpage for Kinect in Education.

Jan 23, 12

Ceri is from the UK and is going to live demo a program he's written for Kinect (that he plans to give away for free) that emulates the program Soundbeam. This program lets you move parts of your body and plays music and is going to be an incredible thing to use for special ed students with the Kinect. This is his twitter handle. Follow him to Keep up with what he's doing.

Dec 29, 11

Get this. A lesson plan using Kinect, teaching math, and aligned with common core standards. This includes handouts. For grades 3-6. If you have a kinect at your school, you'll want to follow 

Dec 24, 11

As some of you experience Microsoft's super cool Kinect system for the first time, you'll be thrilled to know this tool is being used in school as well. Here, my go to Microsoft blogger And dear friend Alfred Thompson gives an overview of Kinect in education.

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