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Dec 10, 14

New longitudinal study.
"University of Montreal researchers now believe parental behavior may play a factor in the link between verbal frustrations and aggression.

Physical aggression in toddlers includes frequent hitting, kicking, and a tendency to bite or push others.

“Since the 1940s, studies have observed an association between physical aggression problems and language problems among children and adolescents. It was also demonstrated around ten years ago that physical aggression problems arise in early childhood when language develops."

Jul 03, 13

I saw this on Fran Drescher's Twitter account from the Cincinnati Business courier and am quite floored by it. Am I the only one who doesn't know this? How about all of the little kids I see where parents are handing them their ipad and smart phones for play purposes. I jusst need to know more but it is based on a study presented at the Pediatric Academic societies meeting in DC. Of course, they recommend hand washing.

But pregnant women should be careful - a 10x increase in maternal PBDE's is associated with a 4 point IQ deficit. Of course, we also have the age old question here of causation or correlation.  I do think we need to know more and also if the equipment we're purchasing to use with young children has PBDEs in them. 

If you know more, please leave comments. It does say that some manufacturers are voluntarily phasing these out.

"Small children should not touch electronic items such as TVs, mobile phones, computers and other products, according to University of Cincinnati researchers.
Chemicals found in such items and in many other products, including older carpets and furniture, can cause behavioral and cognition problems, they have found."

Sep 14, 12

An alphabet chart that you may print out and use for your classes to help them remember the sounds of letters.

Jul 26, 12

Back to school resource pack for kindergarten classes.

Apr 09, 12

Lesson plan starters for elementary classrooms. A lot of ideas and games you can download and use for creative ways to start class.

Mar 30, 12

I love this lesson plan that focuses on healthy eating. Students taste a variety of fruits and then make their own fruit salad. An age 3-6 lesson plan

Feb 13, 12

Some excellent lesson plans, assembly ideas, and downloadables for Valentine's Day. From math to history, you'll find something for tomorrow.

Jan 03, 12

If you work with younger children under the age of 5, you will want to look deeper into this research that shows that words mean less to children than adults when trying to categorize things. ""In the past, we thought that if we name the things for children, the labels will do the rest: children would infer that the two things that have the same name are alike in some way or that they go together," he said. "We can't assume that anymore. We really need to do more than just label things."

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