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Oct 31, 13

The US national association for journalism educators is the JEA. As you seek to improve and level up your journalism program at your school, this site has many resources for you to use.

"The Journalism Education Association is the largest scholastic journalism organization for teachers and advisers. Put simply, we educate teachers on how to educate students."

Oct 31, 13

If you need "proof" of the merit of journalism programs, look no further than the "enemy" that has been the excuse for killing many journalism programs -- test scores. Read this NCTE position paper about journalism in the curriculum which states:

"It is important to note that a body of research provides data showing that students who participate in journalism programs do better on testing and college language arts courses. In Journalism Kids Do Better (Dvorak, Lain, Dickson), research shows students who take journalistic writing courses score higher on the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam than students who take only AP or honors English courses. They also score higher on college entrance exams such as the ACT. “We’ve done a number of research studies that show that high school journalism is equal to or exceeds standard English [courses], Dvorak said. “Journalism students’ writing skills, their sensitivity to audience, their use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, their concern with accuracy, their use of sources -- all of these things tended to be significantly higher in their performances.”"

I would also argue that many students who are not reached by AP or honors courses can be highly engaged in journalistic pursuits. If you want a strong writing program, make sure you have a school newspaper. Share this with your newspaper and annual staff advisors to help reinforce the merit of journalism programs with your board of education and administrators.

Oct 31, 13

The New York Times has a handy guide for organizing a student newspaper staff including the roles and how to balance print and online "voices". I also like the section in the guide "Using the Paper to Enhance the Curriculum."

Oct 31, 13

As you review the best of the best, peruse the best college newspapers of 2013 as ranked by the Princeton review. Have students and prospective journalists review these sites and look at the articles that are the most engaging and active. Online media is often about the reshare - what type of stories are people willing to share and discuss. Online papers are sort of a focus group for what interests people. Hope this list gives you some discussion points for your newspaper organization.

Oct 31, 13

This website aggregates the best online school newspapers from around the web. As you take your school news online consider and review some of the best out there and decide what works for you.

Oct 31, 13

Here are 3 options for taking your high school newspaper online. I like that they recorded the pitches. The three options covered include JEA Digital, School News Online, and Interscholastic Online News Network. Also note that you can set up and create your own Wordpress site which may be the best, most affordable option.

Oct 31, 13

College newspapers are met with the same challenges as mainstream media - decilining advertising and increasing online traffic are forcing attention online. Paper is out, social media is in. Organizations that don't get this shift are going to be in deep problems. Is your school newspaper making the sift.

Dec 21, 12

Jamie Kelly does a nice job of dissecting much of what is wrong with technology journalism - going for the trending topic instead of saying "this topic is trending because of misinformation" (i.e. Instagram terms of service changes). I think these points are excellent and can also apply to much of what happens in the education circles as well -- if everybody is talking about ___, then everyone is searching about ____, then everyone is writing about ____ so they will be found. Sometimes it is good not to be everybody but to be somebody who is different and more importantly, who goes through the hype to be as accurate as possible.

Mar 18, 12

A well-written article on purported "journalist" Mike Daisey who has since been disgraced when it was determined he took dramatic license to the extreme in his "reports" about Apple in China. He should have disclosed that he was dramatizing or that his monologue was inspired by true events but not that it was fact. It is interesting that I had this very same discussion with someone who writes for a major autistic organization about his refusal to disclose that he's using "gonzo journalism" in his pieces. I think that people should disclose - it is part of what an ethical writer does. 

Mar 07, 12

I find this is ironic that the publishers are calling Apple the "evil empire." And so it begins the echoes of a complete publishing industry turnover. Like the music industry ten years a go, great opportunity is born out of great turmoil. Futures of whole companies and industries will be decided in the next year.

"I humbly implore all media companies who read this — downtrodden newspaper editors, heads of publishing houses, and CEOs of media businesses: don’t listen to Apple, Google, or Yahoo. Join the Rebellion. Help us save journalism.

Feb 21, 12

It is great to watch this Webmaking 101 course for journalists evolve. jess Klein wants to "create authentic learning experiences around webmaking projects." This is a brainstorm about how to teach journalists the basics of html, css, and copyright authentically. I'm looking for the site. I love it. The site would strip out everything but the text and let the journalists add things back in.

Jun 28, 11

Twitter for newsrooms is out. This is a guide to help journalists. It is fascinating to watch journalists have to grapple with some of the most significant changes in their profession since Gutenberg's press.

Citation: RT @web20classroom - New guide called Twitter for Newsrooms launches today #edtech20 #edchat #iste11 #edchat #ukedchat #socialmedia #engchat

Jun 18, 08

Awaiting ap guidelines on proper linking in the blogosphere. I blogged about this yesterday on my blog.

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