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Apr 17, 13

Use the buttons on the left to play this interactive whiteboard set of tools for some of the best things you can find for interactive whiteboards. This list was made by Theresa Allen and you should share it with all your teachers who use IWB's. GREAT games and tools. Thanks, Theresa.

Apr 17, 13

Theresa Allen is an educator and one of the most helpful people I know. I was perusing her information from her interactive whiteboard online course and found a fascinating mentor mob playlist. This is a very cool tool and I want to learn more about it. If you want to learn more about interactive whiteboards, she has great information on this course wiki.

Sep 22, 12

These are practice games to give students to practice skills including mental math and phonics.

Sep 11, 12

Love this website for interactive whiteboards in the elementary classroom. In the activity finder you can search by topic.

May 30, 12

An angry bird interactive white board activity. You'll need a soft object to "lob" at the board for this (why not use a soft angry bird character?) you can adapt this for different classroom uses - one of the things you'll want to download.

May 24, 12

An index of interactive white board resources that you can use. This list of free resources is a wonderful place to fill out your library for the fall. This would be a great place to spend during planning time as you download and organize resources for your IWB for the fall by standard. (Make folders)

May 17, 12

This question wall is a powerpoint that you can use on your interactive white board. It looks like it took quite some time to set up. This is one you want to download and keep in your resources folder for use when you want to adapt it for your course.

Apr 03, 12

There are many excellent interactive whiteboard resources on the web. In this one, students sequence the seasonal events in the year of a woodland habitat. The students click the picture to read and listen to explanations and drag them to put them in the correct order.

Mar 16, 12

Jon Becker wrote a review of Robert Marzano's work in 2009. I'm wondering how many of those who bought promethean boards have seen the 17 percentile jump the report promised? Perhaps we should review this in retrospect.

Jan 13, 12

If you want an interactive storybook to show on your interactive whiteboard, here are some great ones to start with.

Jan 06, 12

Paint a dragon on your interactive white board for Chinese new year.

Dec 20, 11

A ton of resources for the IBoard for these last few days before Christmas. Bookmark them and have them ready to go for next year. Meanwhile, parents at home with kids may find something for a child to play that reinforces a topic that kids are having trouble with at school. We always do math facts over break with my youngest.

Dec 13, 11

Remember the old feltboards we used to use? Now, we have one for your Interactive whiteboard. Talk about the different words as you pull them into the tree. You could decorate the tree and have it on your board during your class party!

Nov 04, 11

Tons of interactive white board resources - FREE ONES from @Tesconnect - I'm sending all of these to our kindergarten teachers. Lots of great free stuff. TES is in the UK so sometimes the terms are different but great resources.

Nov 03, 11

Instead of IWB's classrooms are using Apple TV to mirror ipads on the board. (Hat tip to Paul Blough, president of my Tech support company, Blough Tech, for Westwood Schools.)

Jul 01, 11

Share everything you want with Share Board #edapp #apps #iPad #iOS #share #collaborate #IWB #edtech #mlearning #edchat

Dec 10, 09

This from the Bubbabrain founder - a new Math challenge - go in and play for your state. From the founder:

"I decided to create a national elementary math madness challenge. Students can score points for their state by playing math games.

1. Click on the math challenge link
2. Select your state
3. Select a game and hit submit
4. The top left card will say "find this" you have to click on the correct match
5. Clear the board and score points

I teach 11th grade and was wondering how to get the message out to the elementary population. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!! Darren McCarty"

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