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May 24, 10

I love this app and use it to sync with toodledo! It is very useful and incredibly "beautiful." Just one of the best list managers on my itouch that I've seen.

Mar 08, 10

This video shows how to use itouch and google docs for a classroom. (I prefer polleverywhere for this.)

This video demonstrates how to do this.

Aug 07, 09

IF you want to sync multiple calendars, this is the second step of doing that - you have to use the native safari web browser and navigate to the mobile apps piece to select the appropriate calendars. Change it as often as you like (I do!)

Aug 07, 09

One of the most important things you can do to synchronize your family is share calendars. We do this on our itouches (which we all have now!) So, here are the instructions for doing that.

Jul 21, 09

These are some of the tricks I used to consolidate our library on an external hard drive and to move things over. If you are becoming a 1:1 ipod family like my family is -- you'll need this trick.

Feb 20, 09

Great news for you PC users who love your iphone or itouch - you can now synch all your google cal's to your itouch -- OH BABY, this makes my weekend!

Jan 09, 09

You can post links to Diigo from your iphone or itouch using these instructions.

Dec 26, 08

You can get so many books on your iphone - just get the stanza app and then sign up for a feedbooks account to set everything up. This is great!

Dec 26, 08

A link from twitter from rorowe ( on twitter about how to sync Gmails and calendars w/ the itouch. Plodding through this to see if it is what I want to do.

I actually looked at this and am synching through Outlook for just my personal calendar and then accessing google calendars as a web app over wifi. So, I'm just going to set this up for the contacts for now just to get them on my itouch.

  • Footnotes;
     - This will sync all your calendars, (except ones shared over your domain for Google Apps users), however they will all appear as the one calendar on your iPhone (eg. no colour coding).
     - All of your existing contacts & calendars will be wiped from your iPhone, so I’d recommend you make a backup before turning on ‘push’
Dec 26, 08

Nice blog post about some great apps for the itouch. Will be writing more on this next week, but this is a great post!

Dec 26, 08

If you just got an itouch or iphone - this is a great place to take al ook. 50 free apps.

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