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May 16, 13

This is a discussion to have with all IT integrators. Many adopt the attitude of leaving the hibernating bear alone. After all, eventually, the resistant teacher will come out of the den ready to enjoy the springtime of learning? No. Not necessarily.

But technological change is as much emotional and psychological as it is instruction. If you don't first have the teacher in the mood to learn, you'll be struggling. So, be careful of labeling the teacher as resistant in the first place and be willing to teach and encourage the teacher wherever he/she is. This is a nice article from Elena Aguilar. Check out part 2 after reading this one.

Apr 03, 12

The worldwide hacker roundup continues with the re-arrest of a British Teenager hacking with LulzSec ( a splinter group from the Anonymous hacking group.)

Feb 29, 12

Here's a how to for you IT people who want to hide some users from the Global Address list. This way, some users can't be looked up by everyone in the organization (things like your generic front office email, etc.)

Dec 12, 11

I love Kanban boards of all kinds. I use Fogbugz to do trouble ticket tracking for my school. They've recently given it a facelift and it is incredibly useful and could be used for everything from maintenance tracking to trouble tickets. This is a plug in for the software called Kanban board that lets me convert the tickets to a kanban board. Love it!

Aug 20, 10

This really cool app is a lifesaver with working with the computers of others. System administrators and IT support who work on PC's with windows will want to take a look.

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