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Feb 27, 12

Those in IT will want to read Gartner's predictions for IT as a way to understand what is and what will happen. Aseducators, we need to make sure we understand the cybercrime impact and work towards creating an educated citizenry capable of protecting themselves.

"Emerging technologies and innovation are accelerating changes in the business and IT. In "Gartner's Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2012 and Beyond: Control Slips Away," several Strategic Planning Assumptions showcase the top trends associated with cloud computing, consumerization, and the proliferation of information or data. These trends will not only change the nature of business and the ways how work is done, but also impact the role of IT in the enterprise and the capabilities it needs to deliver to the business today and beyond:
By 2015, mobile application development (AD) projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1.
Through 2015, more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively exploit big data for competitive advantage.
By 2015, 35% of enterprise IT expenditures for most organizations will be managed outside the IT department's budget.
By 2015, low-cost cloud services will cannibalize up to 15% of top outsourcing players' revenue.
Through 2016, the financial impact of cybercrime will grow 10% per year, due to the continuing discovery of new vulnerabilities.

Sep 12, 11

This is a great website for troubleshooting. I can have someone across campus create a share screen and take over their computer and fix it from my desk.

Mar 10, 11

If you are having trouble with your web browser making changes to your hard drive or if you have a person on staff who ALWAYS gets viruses from the Internet, Sandboxie might be an option for you. Free (after 30 days you get a 5 second nag screen while launching the internet) you install it and it doesn't allow the web browser when run in Sandboxie to make any changes to the hard drive. May be helpful for some of you. I'd like to know more about other options!

Jan 11, 10

I just love how this group of IT support people in Memphis, TN are blogging to encourage best practice. This is what IT departments should be doing! This is a great splash page and a wonderful best practice to share with IT departments everywhere! Just love it!

Sep 20, 09

Using their wide scale analysis of 15,000 organizations, this study is a must read for IT leaders everywhere.

On the home front, It seems like the biggest flaws on home PCs lie with Flash, Acrobat Reader, Java, QuickTime, and Microsoft Office. It's important to make sure these applications and plug-ins are all updated to their latest versions and that older versions are uninstalled.

Jan 30, 09

My computer tech highly recommends this for synchronizing important teacher files to the server from their local machine. I'm going to use it here for our teachers to synch to their folder.

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