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Apr 21, 14

App to present when your audience has ipads and they are on the internet as well.

Feb 04, 14

Excellent write up about the SAMR method and iPad implementation by Richard Wells @ipadwells. Great work here to help us understand that it is a transformation of mindset. If these things were easy everyone would do them well but as it is transformation is hard and we all have our struggles in our own schools with it.

Dec 16, 13

Wise words about the purpose of tablets, ipads, and more from Daniel Edwards @syde06 from the UK. It is about people, pedagogy, and purpose... the apps come later.

"The power of learning with new technology lies with the teacher and the ability to choose the appropriate tool for the right intention. Moreover, success directly relates to the relationships between learner and educator, and the learner and learning."

Dec 10, 13

"Eric Sailers has written a book you can download for free with more than 100 apps for special education teachers to use with kids on the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

Dec 08, 13

There are some tricks for using Google apps on the ipad. The biggest issue I have with Google drive is that it can't be used to upload video which means my classroom has to use Dropbox.But many of you are Google Apps and ipad.This is a handy guide for you.

Dec 04, 13

Ben Rimes teaches you how to Screen Record your iPad. He's also competing for a competition and would appreciate your "liking" his video. It is helpful if you're looking to screenrecord your ipad.

Dec 02, 13

If you have one ipad, what can you do to powerfully link your students and teach -- here are four great apps and a way to get started.

Nov 30, 13

A nice SAMR chart from Richard Wells that shows a simple demonstration about moving through the model of introducing technology. This helps understand the process using an example.

Aug 29, 13

This handy set of tips for the iPad is one to share with students and teachers who are just getting their device. There are many great pointers from arranging apps to syncing and tweaking fonts. I use the autotext feature a lot as it can save time typing long text. Pass it along.

Aug 21, 13

Here's instructions on Google now within Google Search. I'm setting this up on my ipad and iphone to play with it. I've heard it is a good substitute for Siri if you have an older iDevice that can't get it.

Aug 02, 13

Another goodie. For those of you using the iPad who love pinterest, you'll want to install this add in to the safari web browser so you can pin from your ipad.

Aug 02, 13

If you use Evernote and you want to put the Send to evernote bookmarklet on your Safari web browser, herea re the instructions for how to do that. This website also has many iOS bookmarklets that do things - a great plus for the productivity nuts among us (like me.)

May 27, 13

Yes, you can clip from your ipad or iphone screen into Evernote using this handy app.

"Once you're done clipping, hop back over to EverClip to organize your note. You can select any combination of the clippings to add to Evernote, rearrange them, add an additional photo or text note, then export it to your default Evernote notebook."

Feb 27, 13

Yes, this is the article. But you know what - if you use the ipad as a doorstop - does it make the classroom better? iPads IN the classroom don't make it better, I would argue that technology, used properly, can improve achievement. But technology used improperly is like the human voice used improperly -it can harm. Anyway, since this is making the rounds, you might want to take a look.

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