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Aug 02, 13

If you use Evernote and you want to put the Send to evernote bookmarklet on your Safari web browser, herea re the instructions for how to do that. This website also has many iOS bookmarklets that do things - a great plus for the productivity nuts among us (like me.)

May 27, 13

Yes, you can clip from your ipad or iphone screen into Evernote using this handy app.

"Once you're done clipping, hop back over to EverClip to organize your note. You can select any combination of the clippings to add to Evernote, rearrange them, add an additional photo or text note, then export it to your default Evernote notebook."

Jan 24, 13

I've been reading up on the "Drafts" app because of the useful new features I've been reading about. This article at the cult of mac on Drafts' new automation options, is the best article I've read on drafts and some of the more advanced features. If you don't understand it, it is worth trying. I'm just barely understanding the incredible things I can do with it, but many are just starting to use it for writing just about anything. Cool.

Dec 18, 12

The read write web gives an overview of more airplay ready apps. An interesting note pointed out in this article is that instead of using the Apple TV remote, that one can use the netflix app instead and send movies to the Apple TV. The netflix ipad app is my favorite app for looking at Netflix - it gives recommendations that you can't get on the roku or Apple TV. Some other great ideas here as well.

You still have time to get an Apple TV if you have wifi and a pretty decent internet speed, it could make a great gift.

Dec 18, 12

So, you don't understand why 2 screens are necessary and why the iphone/ ipad would need to be connected to a large TV. I have an Apple TV and beginning to use it with my ipad and the possibilities are revolutionary. I first heard of the Apple TV, most of the teachers who have 1:1 ipads in their school are using the Apple TV to wirelessly send content to their projectors.

This article from mashable thoroughly covers what the dual screen revolution means to the classroom and your family room.

"Dual-screen apps change all of that by shifting the software and user experience model from one user to potentially many, and from one screen (PC/phone/tablet) to two screens (phone/tablet and TV monitor). From a software development and user-experience perspective, the large monitor (which is the true second screen -- versus the standard concept that considers the tablet as the second screen) becomes an open computing surface where one can render any form of application functionality, information, data and content."

Dec 18, 12

Apple's official list of airplay enabled apps. If you have an Apple TV, you can use apps to send content to your Apple TV from your ipad or iphone. This list is created by Apple.

Dec 18, 12

An excellent list of airplay enabled apps - although this was out a bit before the current Apple TV, I'm finding that these are some of the highest rated apps on the store with some very cool video capabilities.

For example, the free ShowMe app combs your networks and serves up video that your friends are watching -- not to your ipad (although that is possible) but to your TV that is enabled with the Apple TV. I'm finding the Apple TV higher quality than my Roku box, although I'm keeping my Roku box because it has Amazon and my Apple TV does not. If you get an Apple TV, make sure you set up Remote and download some of these apps.

Dec 15, 12

The Agenda app claims it is the #1 calendar application which also integrates with reminders. Looks like a very cool, minimalist app for calendaring that syncs with google calendar, exchange, and icloud.

Oct 03, 12

"McDonald's app is available only in France at the moment but lets customers place an order and pay for it from their iPhone."

Paying via mobile device is going to increase. Now, school lunch cards and numbers are the norm, but I would expect that eventually paying for books and food will be via mobile device. IT is going to be more important than ever that we teach our children how to handle money because paying via mobile, I think, is a lot like paying with a debit card - you don't feel the pain that you do when real cash is involved.

Jul 04, 12

Detailed instructions for installing pocket onto any web browser including for mobile devices.

Jul 04, 12

40 ipad apps for language learners that teach language and culture. My top complaint continues to be the lack of feedback to parents and teachers, however, if you're implementing iPad 1:1, this is a must review list.

Jul 04, 12

Instructions for adding a safari bookmarklet for just about every service (except Diigo) on Chris Bray's website. If you have an ipad or iphone and want to send things to your Tumblr blog you can follow these instructions. (For pinterest, go to the Pinterest website.)

Jul 04, 12

How to make custom ringtones for any type of phone.This helpful how-to will get you started. My VIP's have unique ringtones so I know who it is when it rings. I also set up custom vibrations (I use their characteristic knock on a door as I've heard My Mom's special knock all my life.)

Jul 04, 12

This web browser for the ipad integrates tightly with dropbox. If you want to download and save to dropbox from your ipad web browser, this is worth it.

Feb 29, 12

The next area of serious privacy issues may be your smartphone as evidenced by this latest New York Times report.

"Another loophole in Apple's iPhone and iPad programming allows apps to download and copy a user's photo library without permission, a New York Times report shows."

Jan 25, 12

This app is a top paid app in the iTunes store. It is a new one to bit the charts.

Jan 21, 12

I helped test this app and liked the capability it had to put the presentation on the screen of my students on the iPads. Everyone could see. It is worth testing if you are in a 1:1 iPad situation. Great tool.

Jan 13, 12

Top 8 Apple iDevice accessories from CES. I donlike looking at gadgets, even if I don't buy many.

Jan 04, 12

This Goal app is a top free download in the iTunes store today. I like to follow these things and play. 

Jan 04, 12

Windows Live Skydrive is available on iOS so you can access all of your files in Skydrive. Download for free. If you use Microsoft Office and Skydrive, this is a must use. Not sure about editing or if the docs will open in Pages.

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