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Jan 25, 14

ePals and th Smithsonian are sponsoring their third Invent It challenge where students address real world problems with inventions. The projects are due on April 11. Sign up now and plan this authentic project into your classroom this spring.

Sep 03, 13

As my classes pursue inventions during our genius hour each week, I keep coming back to the makezine website for fantastic ideas. Here is something inexpensive that beginners can do using coffee cans and the Aurdino - it does require some soldering so you might want to reserve that part for an adult unless you have older kids capable of it.

Oct 24, 12

My students and I have been playing with Aurasma today on our ipads and iphones. You have to have a unique image (digital or distinct images are best) and you can attach animations or videos to them. So, a book's page can have a video attached or a painting could have a description attached. It is very cool. This TED video explains the concept.

Jun 09, 12

Discovery has some great resources to help you plan and work on your science fair project. The summer time is a great time to plan and discuss science fair projects for next year (hint to parents) and you can get started here. This is also something you can send to parents to help them guide their child in this area.

Feb 29, 12

A new PEW report about the most desired skills of 2020. Things like focus, critical thinking and collaborative skills are on the list. This is an important paper to read as we shape education. Not much on this report indicates doing well on a standardized test will prepare you.

"software designer Fred Stutzman said the future is bright for people who take advantage of their ability to work cooperatively through networked communication

Jan 10, 12

NYU Medical students wear 3-D glasses and dissect a virtual cadaver projected on a screen. The professor says "it's like a living digital textbook." I do, however, really hope my doctors have experience with the human body and don't do like a kid who has practiced basketball and never played in the game - bumble the ball as they start. No one wants to be a practice dummy - in this case a practice cadaver.

Yet, do you realize that we could now add human dissection to anatomy class? In 3D you could dissect the human body? There are very exciting things coming in this area.

Mar 30, 10

My ninth graders have completed a module documenting how to do various tasks in OpenSim, the virtual world we use that is hosted by Reactiongrid. This wiki has the links, instructions, and other pages with tutorials on how to do various items. I was assessing this today and thought I'd pass it along as there is some great information to show you how to do things. (If you are a beginning second lifer you may also learn some things.)

Oct 17, 11

Bjork releases an album along with 3D images in an app for the ipad. This is how artists and music are evolving. It is the first of its kind. Interesting. I'm sending this to our Flat Classroom students as they study how technology is impacting arts, entertainment, and leisure. This would make a fascinating video.

Oct 16, 11

Galaxy tab infringes on Apple's patent, a judge says as she holds up the two devices from 10 feet away and asks Samsung lawyers to identify which is their client's product.

Mar 30, 10

Share this with your students who love video games. I love how Alfred shares his thoughts on the transition from gamer to game designer. This is a huge market especially as education moves to gaming platforms as well.

Nov 19, 09

For those who like the getting things done method and would like to have it in front of them, here is GTD Wallpaper.

Aug 31, 09

Looks like your veins may become your identification instead of your fingerprints. Interesting.

Jun 25, 09

This is information on QR codes for Marketing but in this there is potential for schools - particularly ubiquitous "hardlinks" between educational experiences like museums.

Mar 14, 09

Interesting blog and challenges -- they post challenges each weekend and the students send in their photos which are then shared the next week. Really a neat idea.

Nov 12, 08

Wow!!! Using cell phone technology, high powered medical diagnosis and lab work can be provided remotely through cameras. This is what letting students work with cell phones can do as this is Daniel Fletcher and his undergraduates at the University of California worked to create a mobile diagnosis tool from cell phones.

THIS is innovation. Harness the untapped power of student creativity and innovation and use it as a learning process. DO IT NOW!!

  • “Imagine you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you want to be able to diagnose malaria,” says Daniel Fletcher, holding up what looks like a cellphone sprouting a kaleidoscope. All you have to do is aim the phone at a patient’s wan-looking skin or a drop of blood squeezed onto a microscope slide, he explains. Then you point, click, and hit “send.” The digital image zips to an off-site lab, where a technician scans it for signs of disease and e-mails back an initial diagnosis—all in less than 10 minutes. “In developing countries, patients wouldn’t have to go to a clinic,” he says. “You could make a diagnosis right in the field.” Although many impoverished patients lack access to clinics, 80 percent of the world’s population lives near a cellphone tower.
  • With mobile devices like this, home health aides could start to provide diagnostic services, and they could also take pictures over time to show doctors whether a patient is getting better. We’ve got an opportunity to leapfrog some of the costs of health care.”—
Nov 05, 08

OK, so you want to figure out what that song is? Download Tunatic and play the song and it will recognize it. This is so cool!!! Search engines aren't just for text any more. This is very useful.

Nov 02, 08

An area of explosive growth that is beginning to emerge is the integration of other senses than sight and sound -- smell, touch, taste, etc. and this is an example of how a company is planning to use the sense of touch to let a person follow a soccer game. Don't know if anyone would do it, but if everybody thinks it is a good idea, as a rule, you're too late.

Nov 02, 08

iTrail lets the iphone track your gps coordinates while doing physical activity. Still not entirely accurate, this runs best on the iPhone 3G, one of those things that will "get there" eventually.

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