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Jan 16, 14

Welcome to your new Google smarthome - not smartphone - smarthome. They've bought a smart thermostat maker - I can imagine all kinds of cool things with Google Glasses, Droids, and other Google integrations with this. This interesting article covers many of the things Google has gone into besides their traditional search box/ advertising model and it tells you about the future of our world as a major giant positions for the Internet of Things which moves far beyond our screens into the air we breathe.

This will impact our schools beyond what we understand as our surroundings become smarter and able to be controlled remotely in ways we can't really understand today. These are trends I'll be discussing in my Intro to Computer Science classes.

"Google Inc announced plans to acquire smart thermostat maker Nest Labs Inc for US$3.2bil (RM10.54bil), signalling the Internet company's intention to expand into a broader array of devices and bringing valuable hardware design expertise in-house. "

Sep 25, 13

Cool little light that can show various colors to indicate things that have happened. This was funded on kickstarter and I noticed it being added to as a channel. So, for example, if you have a big download and want to be notified when it is done - or if you want to be notified when a certain person (Grandma) logs into skype but you don't want to have to log in or look at the screen - this USB RGB light will light in the color you wish. There are so many cool applications for this as we move into the "internet of things."

Feb 21, 12

Some people don't like QR codes. I still think they are helpful. What do you think?

Jan 17, 12

A great lesson plan from Richard Byrne about how he used QR codes to meet common core math standards. These would be great to create and share.

Jan 17, 12

This is a great article on how this librarian in New Zealand is using QR codes in their library.

Nov 27, 11

A teachers's pondering on QR codes with some nice links.

Nov 09, 11

I've uploaded the portfolio assignment that I use for my one semester 8th grade keyboarding class. It includes movie making, self creation of rubrics, MLA paper writing, memos, block letters, blogging, and an efolio component along with QR Codes. I wanted to share this but also was testing the functionality of the site for sharing resources. Hope you'll share. (Note: KS3 in the UK means grades 7-9 - the site will be adding US grade levels soon.)

Jun 30, 11

RT: Why QR Codes are the next big thing - via @BridiesTyping: Why QR Codes are the next big...

Jun 30, 11

RT: QR Codes Revisited QR Codes Revisited

Jun 30, 11

New Blog Post: More Than A Boring Piece Of Paper Using QR Codes to Link to deeper content

Jun 30, 11

RT: RT @whawkins: Twenty Uses for QR Codes and Tags: Download now or preview on posterous Twenty_Uses_for_QR_..

May 03, 11

I use QR codes to assess on my iTouch and iPad but if a blog has flash - I just snap a pic with the QR code application for adobe air using the webcam on my pc. I don't have to type in long urls. Anything with a printout of any online material includes a qr code.

Apr 19, 11

Ecellent blog post on the use of QR codes in nonprofits from social media nonprofit guru - Beth Kanter. Tons of potential here!

Dec 22, 10

An index of how qr codes are being used in librarires on the wiki. 

Aug 06, 10

Still my favorite post on QR Codes in Eduction. PE and health teachers should read Mr. Robbo.

Jul 14, 10

QR codes are here and they are going mainstream. MR Robbo the PE geek, myself and others are using these IN CLASS and they are useful ways of augmenting reality. Time to learn because people are going to be talking!

Mar 08, 10

Augmented Reality is enhancing the world around us by using electronic devices to create a reality that is supplemented (or "augmented") with additional information.

Sometimes this is location based (using GPS) or uses QR Codes (with QR code readers) and most often with handheld devices making this truly possible.

These links are from the Horizon Report 2010.

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