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Sep 29, 15

And I'm seeing this too. This generation wants to start their own business. We see this with Shark tank type experiences. This is a cool overview of what one college is doing as they literally help students start businesses in school instead of doing projects that go in the trash.

Sep 27, 08

Amanda Stone and the teachers in Hoover City use this to teach internet safety. They have to pass certain courses. The teachers set up the student accounts and the teachers manage their own classroom -- controlling their buddy lists and everything. The teachers connect w/ their students on the weekends and off times w/ their kids.

Great entry to a virtual world!!! It bans them if they do innappropriate things -- so their goal for 5th grade is to get zero bans for the year. The teacher can control it. Each student have their own woogie -- eg. Davisteacher would be me -- my students would be davis1 davis2, etc.
Pretty cool.
A digital citizenship game that I like- Woogi World - K-6 Virtual School for #aste2015 #digcit people

A digital citizenship game that I like- Woogi World - K-6 Virtual School for #aste2015 #digcit peopl…

Feb 20, 14

"While I did enjoy David Burgess’ Teach Like a Pirate, and the hangout that she shared with us, I’ll admit… it made me kind of sad.  Not because of the content itself!  But because of the hard memories it brought up.  I used to teach creatively and encourage innovation in my classroom like that.  When I graduated college, I was chock full of ideas and adored hands-on learning.  But my communication skills was parents was very weak and my administrator was a frustrated man who decided his best way of control was micromanaging.  It’s a bit of a long story, but the end result is I was knocked down to stop being creative; to just follow the curriculum and to push worksheets. "

Wow. As I read this teacher from Dr. Lee Graham's class (they are in gamifi-ed with my students) I'm so touched by how the teacher helps us feel what is happening to TOO MANY TEACHERS. Too many teachers are being pushed down to teach the wrong way. Worksheet wonders and we wonder why no one loves to learn. This is sad and must change. I hope you'll comment.

Dec 01, 13

Mia MacMeekin at "An Ethical Island" has made a profound infographic "27 Ways to innovate" that you'll want to share and read.I love the quotes and suggestions throughout this graphic which is inspiration, insightful, and very motivational.Why not get each teacher to pick something and come back together and discuss.

Aug 29, 13

Not sure why everyone is 3D. While I do think holograms and virtual presence are likely next, I'm not so sure about the type of 3D that is really an optical illusion. It just seems like an intermediate step to me. What is the purpose of 3D -- to make things seem more real. Honestly, seeing my son's face on facetime is more than enough for me -- if I could just get him to take my calls! ;-)

Apr 01, 13

You might think this is dumb, but I don't for one reason. If you look at the various senses, smell is one of the most powerful. I recall reading a study stating that if students smelled a certain smell in math class and smelled that same smell as they took the math tests, that they scored better. You can literally recall a smell years later. It is one of the most basic senses. So, although some think the smell-o-vision talked about in this Gizmodo article is "dumb" I know that there will be applications in education (and sales, most likely - just travel to the mall and smell the smells they pump out front of a Cinnabon or Starbucks.) Smell is powerful but it will likely be a bit more time until the practical applications come to market.

Jan 29, 13

This Edudemic article gives an overview of PaperTab technology - epaper that is location aware. It could do fascinating things for our kindles, etc. If you watch new technology, read this article.

Jul 17, 12

Impressively, this website has a hashtag #digitalgov to encourage and help "join the movement to make 21st century digital government." You can join the website and see how you can be a part. If you're a software company or providing services, you can be part of the innovation happening here or just reap what others decide for you. This is part of the US government open government initiative.

Jul 03, 12

This is a test video from Bob Sprankle and Darren Kuropatwa as they test and use the Google plus account via Mighty bell.

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