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Apr 13, 12

Massively Open Online Courses are the discussion in Open Education -- I think the important thing is that students want to CONNECT around content - it is the relationships and connections that are so amazing more than just the content. People with a common passion are connecting through the content. The content becomes a conduit. 

"Consider Stanford’s experience: Last fall, 160,000 students in 190 countries enrolled in an Artificial Intelligence course taught by Mr. Thrun and Peter Norvig, a Google colleague. An additional 200 registered for the course on campus, but a few weeks into the semester, attendance at Stanford dwindled to about 30, as those who had the option of seeing their professors in person decided they preferred the online videos, with their simple views of a hand holding a pen, working through the problems.

Mr. Thrun was enraptured by the scale of the course, and how it spawned its own culture, including a Facebook group, online discussions and an army of volunteer translators who made it available in 44 languages.

“Having done this, I can’t teach at Stanford again,” he said at a digital conference in Germany in January. “I feel like there’s a red pill and a blue pill, and you can take the blue pill and go back to your classroom and lecture your 20 students. But I’ve taken the red pill, and I’ve seen Wonderland.”

Nov 16, 11

Interesting analysis on why some social games (Zynga in this case study) are having problems online. I think the "friend spam" approach is something for many of us to learn as we join spaces. This is an interesting article for FlatClassroom students to read as they analyze game based activities.

Nov 01, 11

"The three considerations that most impact value are location, location, and location." In the world of social media, they are purpose, purpose, and purpose."

This Harvard Business review article is very much on the money. Who are you and why are you sharing. What is your purpose. If you don't know you'll send mixed signals. IF you do, you and the people who follow you will be more content with the experience.

Oct 19, 11

Such programs are fascinating ways to help promote getting along and working with others.

"National Mix It Up Lunch Day, now in its 10th year, is coordinated by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance program. It served as the catalyst Tuesday for millions of students, including some locally, to cross social boundaries and foster respect for one another."

Oct 17, 11

Bjork releases an album along with 3D images in an app for the ipad. This is how artists and music are evolving. It is the first of its kind. Interesting. I'm sending this to our Flat Classroom students as they study how technology is impacting arts, entertainment, and leisure. This would make a fascinating video.

Oct 16, 11

Interesting service that pulls together all of your networks and posts to them. Just remember that Facebook and some other services make posts from third party services to lower priority and they don't go on as many streams.Interesting service.

Jan 21, 11

Teacher professional development is changing teachers are participating in viral face to face environments in amazing ways. This is the teachmeet that is happening Friday and Saturday in Georgia.

Oct 22, 10

This is how movements now happen! Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time has girls not wearing makeup on Tuesdays. T-shirts and, of course, social media, characterize what these girls are doing (and the guys who support them.)

For pundits who think social media is a negative, this is an example of how this generation redefines the world using social networking to spread statements of a generation more quickly than books can be printed.

  • Their message was heard loud and clear. The school-sanctioned club — Redefining Beautiful: One Girl at a Time — quickly grew to 200 members. Boys at the school even formed a support group to encourage the girls.
Aug 31, 09

Julie Lindsay is in China and so I've been looking up information about their system. It is very different, but this is a fascinating listing of items about China and their system of education.

Aug 03, 09

Fifty useful mind mapping tools has some cool software and sites I'll peruse. Have you used any of them that I should use? I've used MindMeister, and as well as gliffy, but think I should try Mind42 and dabbleboard, perhaps.

Jul 01, 09

This is the wiki with the information from our session on Diigo in the Open Source Lab at NECC. It has current information on bookmarking.

Nov 08, 08

Would love to see us look into 3D learning as well - from an older article in 1997.

  • The TELEPORT environment is designed  to overcome disadvantages of desktop videoconferencing and to establish  life-like conference sessions that bring people together as if face-to-face.  The system consists of a real room with one wall entirely covered b a display  surface. Onto that surface a virtual extension of the real room is projected.  As the local participant moves, his location is tracked ­ thus allowing  the synthetic scene to be rendered with the correct perspective.
Nov 05, 08

Front pages of newspapers from today from -- this is a great read on the history of today. (Thanks Will Richardson for the link.)

Nov 05, 08

Tom HOffman shares some of the background story of - a great story of collaboration and work and how "no names" become somebody with hard work, intelligence, persistence, and a commitment to "do it right" sans an agenda.

Nov 05, 08

OK, so you want to figure out what that song is? Download Tunatic and play the song and it will recognize it. This is so cool!!! Search engines aren't just for text any more. This is very useful.

Nov 02, 08

An area of explosive growth that is beginning to emerge is the integration of other senses than sight and sound -- smell, touch, taste, etc. and this is an example of how a company is planning to use the sense of touch to let a person follow a soccer game. Don't know if anyone would do it, but if everybody thinks it is a good idea, as a rule, you're too late.

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