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Jan 19, 16

name generators for giants, detectives, people, and all kinds of things. This is a cool tool to use for Game Based Learning in the Classroom. Love this!

Nov 10, 14

Open Culture has a list of more than 200 educational resources for teachers and students. Go through these! There are more than 200 audiobooks. So many things!

Dec 10, 13

There are so many ways that you can use Twitter in the classroom but even if Twitter is blocked, you'll find many ideas that you can use on Edmodo or whatever educational networking tool you're using with your students. Great read.

Apr 01, 13

This might be an idea for some teachers wanting inventive, creative chairs. Lifehacker teachers you to make a stool with $5 of materials. Cool.

Dec 14, 12

I need to get my daughter to translate this very cool trailer for a project for teachers - very cool. Why don't we make trailers to start school years and projects? We could even end a project by having kids make trailers for the next participants. Cool.

Jun 21, 12

I like to watch things about teachers in Finland because they are so progressive and exceptional. This video shares how this teacher is using "progressive learning" strategies and technology. For grades 3-5.

Apr 21, 12

Can giants exist? This question for middle and high school has students use volume and surface area to determine if giants can exist. This is for geometry.

Inquiry based projects can have great results.

Mar 05, 12

I love what Canadian teacher Cathy Beach did in March 2010 to involve her K-1 classroom in her trip to the paralympics. She created @HenryHudsonBear and this blog to share the trip with them. It was exciting for them all. I think it is great for teachers to connect with their home classrooms when traveling. (Unless you're going totally off the grid.) What a great story, here is what she told me:

"On a whim, I created @henryhudsonbear to explain the Olympics to the K-1 split-grade class I taught once a week, to reassure them that I was coming back! Helping @HenryHudsonBear to ""tweet"" his way around the Olympics and Paralympics became the most inspirational, hilarious, touching part of going to the Olympics for me, my students, and people we met from around the world. It was so effective in bringing the Olympics and Paralympics to kids that I'd love to find some funding and take him and have him tweet his way through the London Paralympics next August. (No Olympics, we're still broke from the last ones!)"

Jan 10, 12

I love this productivity tip! Leave yourself a treat on your desk on Friday! Find something you love and leave it on your desk for yourself. I'm doing this!

Jan 06, 12

Paint a dragon on your interactive white board for Chinese new year.

Jan 06, 12

Lots of resources and ideas for Martiin Luther King's birthday right around the corner. Lots of free things to download and use as you plan the lessons around this great man. 

Oct 11, 11


At school or college? Have an idea to change the world?

ITU Telecom World 2011 brings together thousands of influential delegates from the telecommunications and technology industries to discuss what steps need to be taken to get more of the world connected. They’re meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on October 25-27, and they need your help!

We are inviting 10,000 global school children (8-18) to design the innovations that could make a real difference to their world.

 Sign up your school or class now, and your students can start influencing thousands of decision-makers in information and technology communications.

Once you’ve registered to get involved, you can share your ideas and prototypes with each other. Your ideas will also form a significant part of World 2011′s Manifesto for Change, a blueprint for using technology to make a real difference.

Brought to you by the ITU Development Sector. Read more about this call to action in our introductory blog post."

Jul 07, 08

Discussion about benefits and challenges of flattening your classroom.

Yes, this is another plurk page -- I'm finding that plurk and twitter are good for two entirely different types of conversations!

Mar 24, 08

Kristin Hokanson's excellent wiki with many Web 2.0 resources. Excellent site!

Apr 17, 08

Open professional development by Darren Draper and Friends. These opportunities will let you open up your classroom and join in with others to learn collaboratively about blogs, wikis, and more. Take a look at it.

Apr 17, 08

This site claims to be the largest student arts gallery on the web! Looks fascinating. Not sure how they use first names and locations and get away with it. I'd like to know what those who have used it think about it.

Apr 16, 08

Bud the Teacher and Stephanie Sandifer are planning an I read blocked blogs day. This is going to be an event for educators advocating access. It would also be a great time to talk about ways to monitor when you provide access.

This also happens to be the first aspect of ad4dcss and we've listed it on the wiki. They have shirts that people can get and buttons for your blog.

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